My little YouTuber is at ‘er again. He built a small Lego train engine for his little brother.

Lego train engine

First you take a green two-er flat thingy and you put it on the back, or the front facing this way. Then you take this circle piece and put right … ugh, it won’t go on right. Oh, I forgot, you put this flat four stud piece on first. Then put this piece here. Oops, I mean here.


Following those directions you might get something that looks like this. Or you might get something entirely different. But that was just his first try. After that he realized he need to know what he was going to say, he needed names or at the very least a description of each piece as well as show it to the viewer. By take three he had it pretty much all figured out and was good to go. Since he’s building small things at the moment I’m trying to encourage him to be able to do it in one take. The less editing (or none) the better.

That’s about how the transcript went on the first couple tries. Between takes, he decided on a name for each piece, except one. An adapter like piece that allows you to build horizontally instead of vertically.

I know it’s not nice to tease. Fortunately, you can’t see or hear his mother and I giggling at him in the background. Crash has watched his share of YouTube videos to know the gist of what he’s doing. I do have to give him credit though. He’s significantly better in front of the camera than I am. Or at least than I remember being at that age.

Stay tuned. He has an elephant tutorial coming tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “YouTuber

    • Awesome! Crash is hooked. But what’s even funnier, is so is Bang. He’s been saying, just randomly to himself, “Please subscribe, see ya later!” Copying what he heard big brother say on his YouTube video. Can’t wait to see what LM comes up with!

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      • Aww! Too cute. LM had a soccer game this evening, so I told him he’d have to wait to try to do a video until tomorrow. He’s talking about all sorts of things he will put together. At least he’ll be using the screen time in a productive way!

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