Sunday Share 19

This week I’ll try to bring you a bit of humor for your Sunday. We could all use a good laugh. It is the best medicine. Happy reading! And try not to snarf* your coffee. As for me, I’m drinking a Coke. It’s Sunday cheat day!

Return of the Modern Philosopher
Having a couple friends directly from Ireland, this was funny. Probably true, too.

Return of the Modern Philosopher
He gets two shares today because I need an escape plan if Trump wins. His “friends in high places” might be able to help me with that.

Bumbi’s Mom
Be prepared for some foul language. Not all of it is from the parents!

That’s What Anxious Mom Said
Sometimes what our kids think we would do is completely different than what we’d actually do

You the Daddy
How far would you go to keep your pregnant wife happy?

Bradley Wood
Help my brother reach $1,000 donated to The Roswell Cancer Institute. This year he rides in honor of Melina Selent who, at the age of 10 months, had retinoblastoma, an eye cancer.




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