Bang woke at 5:30 in the morning.

0530. O’Dark 30. Butt crack of dawn. Actually, it was an hour before the dawn cracked.

Too frickin’ early if you ask me.

So I laid with him. He was content to lay and snuggle and hug my arm and pretend to fall asleep.

Then we heard Crash get up. 5:35. He went to the bathroom. I listened to see if he was going to try to sneak downstairs or go back to bed.

He tried to go down. “I don’t think so, chach. It’s only 5:35, go back to bed.” He did, but not willingly. There was some foot stomping. He didn’t slam his door, but he shut it pretty hard.

Sleep is for the dead. We’re not dead. More like zombies.

That’s the backstory.

This evening he was so tired he was nearly inconsolable. Nothing was right. No cup of milk in the fridge? Melt down. Filled the wrong cup? Melt down. Toy didn’t cooperate? Melt down. Loom band bracelet didn’t work? Melt down? Can’t find a train track piece? Melt down. This was at 5:00. Too early to send him to bed. I knew the melt downs were only because he was tired so I didn’t lose any patience. I just gave him what was available and once the melt down subsided he gave in and would accept what was offered.

After supper I did the dishes and got that mess out of the way. Then we headed to the basement to play. I played Lego (piecing together all the Lego people). Bang continued his melt down while building a train track for Thomas the Tank Engine. I didn’t laugh, but when he had a melt down because of a train track piece, it was kind of funny. He wanted to build a train track, so he dumped the whole bucket of track so he could find the right pieces. He needed a turn piece but couldn’t find it. Melt down. Then found it. Then he needed some straight pieces. Couldn’t find the exact one. Melt down. Oh here it is. This went on for 20 minutes. I was nearby, but left him alone. After 20 minutes of happy, melt down, happy, melt down he completed his track.


His finished product

It’s not the fanciest track in the world by any stretch of the imagination. But this track is perfect. It has zero dead ends. It has zero places where his train can’t turn around. He can drive his train forever. It loops back on itself.

By this point it was 6 pm and after waking at 5:30 am I was ready to start getting him ready for a slightly early bedtime. However, I couldn’t not let him play with his track he’d spent too many melt downs creating.

Please, dear God, let our kids sleep later than 5:30.

And no. I don’t mean 5:35, either.

If they are awake at that hour, guess what we’re doing?

Cleaning.  That’ll teach ’em to stay in bed longer.

*Note – Bang woke at 4:50, but I convinced him to go back to sleep. He slept until 6:40. Crash woke at 5:19 but I made him go back to bed and try to sleep. He got out of bed at 5:45 but I couldn’t drag myself out to go fight with him to clean. He wins this morning.

34 thoughts on “Inconsolable

  1. My youngest is in a phase of not sleeping beyond 5:55, any given day of the week. This has been going on for about a month. We’ve had a whole lot of meltdowns due to tiredness…and when you compound these with the regular “terrible twos,” this means a lot of potential meltdowns for me, too. Luckily yours are old enough to follow directions, and hopefully Bang will figure out it really does him no good to balk at going back to bed!


  2. I was up at 4 and wish I could sleep past 7… my daughter however is perfecting the sleeping in concept.

    Here is hoping they sleep in alittle longer tomorrow.


    • I wrote this last night going to bed. Last night I wrote that I hoped they sleep later. The universe is effing with me. They were up earlier this morning. Bang was up at 4:50, but went back to sleep until 6:40. Crash was up at 5:15 and was ready to stay up. UGH

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  3. For years my kid (and then kids) would wake me up between 4:00-4:30 AM). Every F’ing day. Now we “sleep in” until 5:00-5:30. I never though I’d find the day when getting up at 5:30 felt luxurious, but here we are.


    • LOL It’s all about perspective. I suppose 5:30 is sleeping in compared to 4am. We’ve been through this phase before a couple times. It’s like he sleeps so soundly that he’s fully rested by 5 or or 5:30. Of course, come 6pm and he can’t stop yawning and you can’t look at him sideways without getting attitude.


  4. Our trick was to tell them that they could stay awake…but they had to stay in bed. Lying there talking to themselves is only interesting for a little while, it soon lost its appeal. Our oldest never questioned the rules or tried to leave his room until he was 9. The worst he did was put a few figurines at the end of his bed to play with if he couldn’t get back to sleep. I have NO idea how we got away with that 🙂


  5. Cleaning THAT early? Sheesh.
    What’s with kids waking up before the crack of the dawn? The post is pretty funny to read from your point of view. It happens in our household too..and then, not so funny when it happens. :/ And when they sleep a little later, I’m surprised that they still wake up at the same time or even earlier. What’s up with that!


    • It’s only funny when it happens to others. Much like tripping up the stairs. Hilarious when some one else does it. Not so much when I do it. There is a silver lining in waking up that early. They go to bed so much easier at night. At least ours do. They hate cleaning. Hence the reason I will make them clean if they’re up too early. They’ll stay in bed to avoid cleaning. I haven’t done that yet, though.

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  6. And I thought we had it rough because Little Man yells “Time to get up, there’s light!” at the top of his lungs when he wakes up. At least light means it’s past 6:00!


  7. THIS IS OUR HOUSE EVERY DAY. Seriously, they won’t stay asleep past 5am…the 2 year old has been waking up at 4:30…It’s like a parental horror show.

    I salute you, sir. I salute you.


    • I just tell myself they missed me so much through the night they couldn’t wait to get and play with me. It may not be comforting to get up at stupid hours, but it is comforting to know we’re not alone.

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