Monday Humor

I just got back from a 4 mile run (it was a short one). I say “got back” what really happened was that I got off the treadmill. So my brain is tired now. This is what tired brain thinks is funny.

I took a selfie today. Well, I didn’t take it, per say. So I guess it’s just a photo of me. Oh, there’s a couple hundred thousand others in the picture, too. An ussie. It’s what we look like from space. If you look close, you can almost see our igloo from there!


15 thoughts on “Monday Humor

      • Geez. That was horrible typing I did earlier. It’s not easy typing on the tablet. And you’re so right about starting somewhere. You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t start. How’s that for words of wisdom? Thanks, Capt’n Obvious. 🙂 Do your mile and each week add on a couple tenths. Then after 5-6 weeks you’ll have added another mile.


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