Meet A Blogger: All In A Dad’s Work

Thanks to the Anxious Mom for the opportunity to be a part of awesome blog. Pop over there and read my interview by her. You just might learn something (or not).

That's What Anxious Mom Said

Ready to meet another blogger? Of course you are! Today we’re getting up close and personal with Eric, also known as StomperDad, from All In A Dad’s Work.

One of my favorite bloggers, Eric writes about his adventures with his two sons, Crash and Bang. Many of his stories have me chuckling, as they often mirror my experiences with Little Man — it’s nice to know you’re not alone with the parenting craziness! If you head over to Eric’s blog, you’ll also find posts that showcase Eric’s creative writing abilities, plus get to read about his wife and running.IMG_4915

Tell us what got you started blogging. Was there any one blog post you read from someone else that made things click for you and decide to start your own thing?

I am a parent. Therefore I am an expert in parenting. Nah, I’m just an amateur waiting to be called…

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