Sunday Share 16


This week was the week of 400. No, we’re not Spartans. But we are Sparta strong! Nah… This post is my 400th. Hard to believe I’ve written that much since The Beginning. Not sure if it’s gotten any better, but I am doing more of it. If more equals better, I’m on the right track. Y’all keep coming back so I’ll keep giving you a reason.

This week also brought my 300th WP follower! Thank youΒ Jessie Jeanine! She is a survivor who has dedicated her time to being a “voice for the victims”. Please check out her blog. You won’t be disappointed.

You won’t be disappointed by these visits either…

You the Daddy
The bonuses of the baby bump

Making Time For Me
Giving up and 40 letters

Who’s My Favorite Today?
2 #1s and a #2

Ah Dad
Capt’n No Beard goes fishin’

Coach Daddy
The boy answers…

Lastly, if you have visited my brother’s cancer Fundraiser page yet. Please do so. You’ll find an inspirational story about 10 month old Melina who battled retinoblastoma.

Also, lastly, if you aren’t yet a contributor to my Pinterest board “Board of Blogs” go over there, click follow and I’ll invite you to contribute. You can pin your own stuff and posts others have written that you feel others should read, too.


Me and my 300

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