Happy Love Day

Today is the day we all show a bit more love than the other 365 days this year (it’s a leap year, remember?). To some it’s just another Hallmark Holiday. A day created for the retailers. For the flower shops and the chocolate makers. There is a history to it, though. And it dates back farther than you might think.

Back in the days of the Roman Empire, some 2,000 years ago, on February 14th all the girls would write their name and place it in a jar. Then each boy would draw a name and the maiden they drew would be their partner for the duration of the festival that would begin the following day. Naturally, a few of these pairings would last until the couple fell in love and got married.

However, Claudius later banned this act as he saw fewer men joining the military because they didn’t want to leave behind their wife and children. He forbid engagements and marriages thereby causing them to held secretly. A priest by the name of Valentine performed the rituals behind closed doors. However, like all good things, Valentine was discovered, captured, and thrown in jail.

The couples he had wed in secret sent him cards and letters of encouragement. In jail is also where he fell in love with the jailer’s blind daughter. He penned a letter to his love and signed it “From Your Valentine”. He was executed the following day for his crimes. Sometime after his death, it is believed the jailer’s daughter miraculously regained her sight. Most say it was true love that brought it back.

To this day, we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day by sending cards and letters of love just as Valentine’s supporters sent to him while he was jailed. Just as Valentine sent a letter to his love. It brings new meaning to the question, “Will you be my Valentine?”

Yes, of course I will DW.



20 thoughts on “Happy Love Day

  1. Good work on the research. 🙂 I already knew most of this – I looked it up once myself, curious about the St. Valentine behind St. Valentine’s Day. Like most modern interpretations of ancient things, I think this day has, unfortunately, become so much more about commercialism than actually about love. It’s a nice twist to have something reminding us to focus on the original meaning, and the very valuable idea that love can still triumph.


      • Yeah, that’s the part I’m not crazy about. And the ridiculous notion that if you’re not doing something “romantic” on this particular day, that somehow you’re “wrong” on the relationship/romance view. I’d much rather know my husband loves me any random day of the year.


      • Exactly. Why should we show more love today the rest of days of the year? There’s probably as much love or perhaps even more during the Christmas season. We give some chocolates (there is a sweet tooth in our house the size of Wisconsin!) to pig out on. Otherwise, it’s family time. Like right now. I’m headed down to the basement with the 8 year old to build some Lego structures for the Thomas the Train track the 4 year old is playing with. Have a lovey happy day!


  2. Loved the history on this!
    Secret: Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, but not in the way you might imagine.

    There are no gifts or flowers or overt gestures. In fact, my husband doesn’t celebrate V-Day. His favorite words? “Baby, you get Valentine’s Day every day with me!”

    I make this holiday a celebration of my family – acts of kindness and service. Since my daughter is away at college, I spend the day cooking sweet treats and planting notes all over the house for my boys to find. It might not match the feminine notions of today, but I’ve found that what I put forth in love and service is returned 100 fold in other ways. It makes me feel good and I love the excuse to make red velvet pancakes 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!!

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  3. I enjoyed that. I’ve done at least one post trying to explain that V-Day is older than Hallmark. It’s an upward battle.:-D I think marking occasions, celebrations, traditions are important in our cultures. We don’t have to buy into commercialism to do that. It doesn’t need to be the grand gesture. I’m thrilled for any specific opportunity for one individual to express love for another, romantic or otherwise. I’m just a big marshmallow for love anyway. lol Good post. We do the silly card thing because we enjoy it, and I beg for a blue cheese burger. With fries! Yass.


    • Cheeseburgers = love. We do chocolate. Any excuse to buy chocolate. The card is just a nice romantic touch. I love what you said about marking the occasion but not having to buy into the commercialism. I think it’s a good reminder, too, that the world is still full of love despite the other atrocities happening around the world.

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