Go Ask Your Father: Water, Drains, Cowgirls, Evil

to the sunset

Off into the sunset

Well, this is kind of a nice change. Mom and Bang are off to school. Crash is “sick”. He’s running a low grade fever but feeling okay. He’s home from school anyway. He’s sitting behind me at the moment constructing his Lego creation for his YouTube channel.  Meanwhile, I’m sitting here answering some questions.

1. What is water made from?

I think everyone knows that water is H²O. Two hydrogen atoms (atoms are super tiny things) and an oxygen atom (oxygen is in the air we breathe. They stick together like velcro. To tell you why would involve more chemistry than I could explain to a four a year old. Just think of them as a zipper. One side is made of hydrogen and the other is oxygen and when you zip your coat up they stick together. Which reminds me…

Q: If H2O is the formula for water, what is the formula for ice?
A: H2O cubed.

In case you were wondering, a raindrop contains about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 water molecules.

2. Where does water go after it goes down the drain?

Another water question? To keep it short, I told him the water goes through pipes underground to the water treatment plant. Since we don’t want to put your dirt and soap (and whatever else might goes down the drain) to go into the lake we are eventually going to drink from, the water treatment plant cleans the water. But they don’t pipe it right back to us. It goes back into a lake that it originated from. Perhaps you are drinking water some else bathed in!

3. Is she going to be a cowgirl?

We live on the east coast. Our neighbor is going to visit family in B.C. (British Columbia). Anyone not up to date on their Canadian geography, that’s on the west coast. Crash asked this question when heard our neighbor is going “out west”.

Our neighbor is 70ish. No, she’s not going to be a cowgirl.

I can’t imagine her on a horse roping bulls. Sitting by the fire with a glass of wine, perhaps. But certainly not sitting on a bucking bronco.

4. What’s in evil? Is there cheese and stuff in there?

Bang was saying his night time prayers which include “Our Father”.

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

I think he was slightly confused by what evil means. Evil is not cheese stuffed. That would be heavenly. After explaining to him the proper meaning of evil his big brother chimes in with “it means being bad and like Evil Knievel”. Then the following conversation ensues between Bang and his mother:

Bang: Evil means being bad.
Mom: That’s right, but you need to be good. God likes good boys, not evil… got it?
Bang: (exasperated, dramatic *sigh*) Fine!
Mom starts giggling which prompts his laughter followed by the punchline, “But I want to be EVIL!”

where's mom

Not always true

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