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I’ve noticed something peculiar happening lately. It’s not just me, either. Other’s have expressed the same complaint to me in the past. I don’t receive a notification of all the pingbacks other bloggers post. It seems to be only links to my homepage that I’m not notified about. I did a test myself during my Month in Review post. I linked to five posts and my homepage. I should have received six notices but I only got five. The link to my homepage never came.

I have found that others gave me a shout out in a post. However, I only noticed it because I was reading their blog directly, not because of a pingback.

Anyone else have this problem and/or understand it? Linking directly to a post provides a notification but linking to a homepage provides nothing.

26 thoughts on “Homepage Pingbacks

  1. That’s the way things are in the Wonderful World of WordPress. People have to link to a page or you don’t get a pingback. I think we need to start encouraging people to link to a page rather than the blog; that way we get an idea who’s linking to us. If it’s any consolation, Blogger doesn’t do pingbacks, they do trackbacks, and I still haven’t been able to figure them out…


    • Now that I know this I’ll make sure to link to specific posts or to About pages instead of their home page. I wasn’t too happy with Blogger, not that I was doing much blogging there. I found zero community over there. Not sure if I was just doing it wrong or if that’s the way it is.


  2. I’m really new and not sure if I’m understanding this but you linked to one of my blogs not long ago and the only reason I knew about it was I was reading your blog. Should I have gotten a notification for that?


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  5. It happens all the time. Well, most of the time. It explains why some bloggers don’t bother responding (or I thought they just don’t bother). It is very time consuming to go to individual blogs – for awards especially – to leave them a message…I guess that’s how WP works!


    • I noticed a while ago that people whose blogs I read would link to my blog and I would only know because I read their blog. Then on my last “Month in Review” I linked to 6 of my posts (my homepage being one) but I only got 5 pingbacks. It was the homepage link that was missing. So now I link to specific posts or to their about page 🙂

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