Sunday Share 15

This week I bring you posts all about the kids. One, of whom I’m just recently met, is a kid herself. One is about a kid who technically isn’t born yet, but still. It’s a kid in a womb without a view. Happy reading and feel free to leave your own link in the comments for us!

First Time Dad
How to tell if your wife is in labor

Cooking kids

Properly Ridiculous
$*%# That

Paintbox Mum
The cutest little penguin

Lisa Pomerantzster
Kids and sleep…. Ugh!

If you haven’t yet, please visit my brother’s cancer research fundraiser. Read about 10 month old Melina and her retinoblastoma (eye cancer).



12 thoughts on “Sunday Share 15

      • I start a draft on Mondays and then while I’m reading others blogs, if I come across something I like and want to share it I just copy the link to it in the draft. Come Sunday I have 4-6 links that I share. I try to find stuff from newer bloggers with fewer followers and some from bigger blogs so sometimes I have to go “surfing”.


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