I’ve been on pinterest for some time now. However, thanks to joint effort between that opinionated man, Jason over Harsh Reality and Suzie I bridged the gap between blogging and pinteresting.

You can find me at 

I discovered you can make group boards where others can leave their posts. All you need to do is leave a comment on a pin in the “Board of Blogs” I can add you as a contributor. Then you can pin your posts and posts you like to the group for others to read (and you can find others there as I did on Suzie’s).

Yeah for social networking!


28 thoughts on “Pinterest

  1. This is great, Eric! I’ve used pinterest for a while, but mostly just pinning recipes for me to check back later for inspiration. I haven’t got it all figured out, and this would be a great start! I’m stalking! See you there.


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