The Kidnap

chateau-de-sable-ceayrPHOTO PROMPT –©ceayr

Read Chapter 1 (links can be found to chapters 2,3, and 4 from there)

Chapter 4

We lived a life of luxury. I was a SAHM and loved it. Dempsey had never been alone with our toddler before. He worked. A lot.

Brogan ran to the house and the second we saw my husband the kidnapper made sure we drove off. Fast. The gun was constantly pointed at me. Loaded? The asshole shot my cell phone.

We split the driving and two days later we were in Denver where he split. I spent the night locked up in a hotel room. I slept, but just barely.

I drove 26 hours straight to get home. Chateau de Sable was quiet on the outside. Upon entering, however, I wished I had taken Brogan with me.

Read chapter 5. To those who were looking forward to this chapter, I apologize for it being a day late. I’ll blame the kids this time.

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8 thoughts on “The Kidnap

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    • Right now I’m still trying to give some back story and the horrors they faced to make them leave in such a hurry. Good luck guessing next week. Not even I know what’s going to happen. All depends on the picture I’m given 🙂 thanks for coming back!


      • It’s quite daunting when I think about it. I gt the photo on Wednesday and I aim to publish it on Saturday. So I have 3 days to think of how to connect to what I have already written.


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