Sunday Share 13

Originally this was a Saturday Share. But not Saturday’s are for 100 word fiction stories. This is my lucky 13th Weekend Share. I think I found some good ones for you, too.

With yesterday being DW’s birthday and attending a birthday party for one of Bangs little friends, we found ourselves quite busy. So I didn’t get this out in time. I give it to you now. The Sunday Share…. on a Monday! Maybe it’ll help you beat the Monday blues into Monday greens or reds or oranges or whichever is your favorite. Happy reading!

No Page Left Blank
Ever felt like you were just pretending?

LisaPomerantzster: Are We There Yet?
Let’s play!

Hugh’s Views and News
You just might be gay.

Revisions of Grandeur
Things kids say are always good for some laughs.

Ah Dad
A Chinese water torture and his Wife’s Jedi powers.

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