Q & A Friday: Smoke, Cold, Fireworks, and Independence



I’m getting the hang of this jotting down questions thing. I’m answering four so I can leave one on my list for next time. They asked more than 5, of course. Unfortunately, my memory could only retain five. I have a photographic memory. There’s just no SD card. I need to practice writing them down when they ask.

1. If there’s smoke, how low do you need to crawl?

That depends on how much fire there is. Smoke, like fire, likes to go to high places. Not the same way as Snoop Dogg. That’s a different high. The smoke will fill up the ceiling area first, so the lower you crawl the cleaner the air will be.  God forbid, but should our house ever catch fire crawl on the floor like a zombie. Shout as loud as you can so I know where you are.


2. How cold can it get?

I once had an ex who was pretty cold. And that time my brother finished off the ice cream without sharing was pretty dang cold, too. I’m pretty sure this isn’t was Crash was asking about though. Last winter it got down to -21 C with a windchill of -34. The coldest natural temperature on Earth happened down in Antarctica. A bone chilling -89 C (-128F). According to Live Science the lowest temperature ever created by humans is just 500-billionths of a degree above absolute zero -minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, or minus 273.15 degrees Celsius. That’s colder than any ex could be.

3. Do they have fireworks on the 4th of July here?

They do have a Fourth of July here, just like every town, city, and country in the world has the Fourth of July. However, the fireworks on the Fourth of July you are thinking of happen in the country of your birth, the U.S. of A. Their independence started when people left England and went to this “new land”. But they still had to follow England’s laws. They wanted to make their own laws so they declared themselves independent. 240 years ago, 1776, they decided they were their own country. England didn’t like that so they fought about it until 1783. Now we shoot fireworks, not the English, to celebrate independence. Here in Canada, though, that magic happens on July 1st. But not because we’re independent. Back in 1867 (149 years) the British North America Act made Canada a country. Canada is still a commonwealth of England but we shoot off fireworks anyway. Or it could be that’s because that’s the day your mom and I got married.

4. What’s Independence Day?

That’s the day you learn to dress yourself, feed yourself, get your own drink, and use the bathroom without supervision, and possibly, the day you move out. But if you mean countries like the USA, it’s when they said they were their own country instead of being a part of the country they came from. Turns out Wikipedia has a list of every country’s Independence Day.

11 thoughts on “Q & A Friday: Smoke, Cold, Fireworks, and Independence

  1. I love the #4. It’s funny, independence to an 18 year old is the use of the car but not paying for the gas that is in it. lol. I have discovered I am paying for at least one tank of gas a month and he the other, that’s fair and independent right?

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