Life’s Too Short to Waste Time Matching Socks

The universe owes you nothing.

Enjoy the little things

Don’t waste time with the mundane

Don’t worry what other’s think – it’s none of your business

Life’s too short to worry about matching socks.


Bang and I with socks that don’t match. It was his idea. I may have taught him this.

We are all made of stars. Stars don’t care if their socks match.

I saw a video this morning and in this video they conducted a bit of a social experiment. First, a beautiful woman who was barely dressed sat on a bench. Then they watched to see who might say something to her. No one said anything, though she got stared at a good bit.

Afterward, a beautiful woman who was fully dressed sat on the same bench breastfeeding her baby. Again, they sat and watched. Several walked by her and told her what she was doing was “disgusting” or to “put it back in her shirt”.

Why does it matter if a woman breast feeds in public? Why does it matter if someone is gay, lesbian, bi, trans, green, purple, or blue? Why does it matter if someone chooses to have no kids or nineteen? Why are we so quick to judge? But not just judge, but actually voice that judgement?

The world will continue to rotate. The world will continue to revolve. The days and years will pass regardless of who thinks what. In the grand scheme of things we are just a dust moat in the solar system, microscopic to the universe.

Be kind to someone today.


46 thoughts on “Life’s Too Short to Waste Time Matching Socks

  1. So true. Mismatched socks are more interesting – but if you are OCD though…πŸ˜†
    On the days years that pass, one thing comes to mind: ask if it matters in 5 years, if not, it’s just not worth it. Kindness goes a long way away.😊

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    • Yeah, mismatched socks won’t work for the OCD. Sometimes I wonder if I have a touch of OCD, just not with my socks. And nevermind 5 years from now. If it won’t matter next month, it’s not worth it. Kindness, though, always matters.

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      • I think all of us has some form of OCD., Eric. :p Some worse than the others. I have a thing with light switches that would keep me up at night if I don’t get them aligned. :p
        Kindness always does matter and that’s always a good reminder. πŸ™‚

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  2. The Wife and I have a saying, one which we employ often whilst attempting to create two well-balanced adults. It is “pick your battles.” which basically means don’t fret about the small stuff.

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    • Thanks for having me. I enjoy reading what others come up with as well. My 4 year old has taken it one step further and wears mismatched rain boots (he has two pair so he wears one of each).


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  4. Matching socks, folding towels or undies, wrapping the vacuum cord, keeping the silverware drawer organized – all things I’ve deemed irrelevant and antiquated rituals. I’d much rather be spending time playing with my babes! Love it, great post!


    • I fold towels but the vacuum cord rolls itself with the push of a button. I like the silverware drawer organized so I can find what I need quickly. But playing with the kiddies is way better than matching socks and folding underwear!


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