ABCs of Me

I got it from Eli  who got it from Andrea. She got it from Elaine and she got it from Katie who got it from Jennifer. That’s as far back as I can trace it because Jennifer says she got it from a friend on Facebook.

Here’s the 7th generation of All About Me

A: Age | 39

If I had hair it would be grey. Or at least salt and pepper (no, not Salt-n-Pepa). Am I ready for the big 4-0? Guess it’ll happen whether I’m ready or not.

B: BIGGEST FEAR | Losing family members too soon.

I don’t mean losing them like I lost Crash in Wal-Mart for a few minutes when he was 3. No worries, he knew what to do – stand still and holler “DAD!” until dad finds him. And really, losing anyone is too soon, isn’t it? But, like taxes, and snow in Canada, it’s inevitable. So I don’t think about it.

C: CURRENT TIME | 1:59pm

Nope. It’s 9:19 pm now. Time for PB on Ritz and watch the recorded episode of Mythbusters. It’s their final season!!! NOOOOO…


I just finished a 5 miler at 7 mph. It was an easy run on the dreadmill while I watched Frozen. Bang wanted to watch it, not me! Mostly. I had some water and some Gatorade, too. I’m really a Coke man, but Tim Horton’s doesn’t have Coke, so Pepsi is my treat today. (DW had an ice cappuccino and bang ate a couple box of Tim Bits for their treats)


So DW gets to hear everything. I have to run my brainy ideas by her first. If they pass the DW test then what I’m attempting will be safe. Like sending Bang down the steepest hill in town on a sled by himself. And mom and dad are pretty much supportive of everything I try. Like sledding off the neighbor’s garage roof.

F: FAVORITE SONG | I can’t do this…

How the hell am I supposed to pick just one favorite? There’s our “first dance” song (Enrique Iglesias – Hero). There’s pretty much anything by Queen, Tom Petty, and Mumford and Sons. Ask me again tomorrow and my list will change.


We were at DW’s brother and sister-in-law’s place. Crash was only 2 or so (as far as I can recall) and it was just waking up from a nap. Or so we thought. Turns out he had woken a bit earlier and we were just hearing him. I go up to the room he was in, to what was actually his cousin’s crib he was sleeping in. I get to the top of the stairs and smell something not quite right. I open the door and I’m mortified at both the stench and the sight. He had painted the ENTIRE crib with the remnants of his diaper.

H: HOMETOWN | Greensboro, MD

1,100 miles from where I am now. It’s an area where there are more chicken than there are people. You only have to drive a mile in any direction to get to fields of corn or soy beans. There are two traffic lights – the second installed while I was in high school.


There’s DW and parents and kids and cousins and teaching and running and being outside and writing and dumplings made atop a pot of stew and lasagna and books.

J: JEALOUS OF | People who travel

Wouldn’t it be great to see the world? Or travel to see family who live far far away? Yeah, those people who can just pick up and go, or even plan and go, I’m jealous of you.

K: KILLED SOMEONE? | In Reno, just to watch them die…

Oh wait. Nevermind. That was Johnny Cash, not me. I’ve knocked many a kid down (accidently!). I’ve squashed (or frozen) my share of stinging insects. Never have I ever killed someone. Not even with laughter!


I’ve been with DW since 2003. We’re coming up on 13 years. That’s a long frickin’ time! It’s no 41 years that my parents are approaching though!

M: MIDDLE NAME | Michael

Named after my dad. Crash’s middle name, too. According to it means “Who is like God?” (the answer is either no one or everyone or Dad). Michael was an Archangel who stood near God and carried out his judgments. He also defeated the Dragon (Devil) and hurled him from Heaven. Yeah, we’re bad asses.


My brother, the Marine combat engineer turned kindergarten teacher/teacher’s assistant.

O: ONE WISH | To be closer to family.

We’re scattered over numerous states, countries, and continents. Parents and most of the fam is in Maryland GO O’s! Bro is in S. Korea. Cousins and an aunt and uncle in Florida. GO GATORS! An aunt and uncle in Belize. GO Belize sports teams!


I called her using the bluetooth from the truck, just because I could. I called to tell her Crash and Bang and I were on our way to pick her up from work. Fortunately, she was ready. Would have hated to leave with her.


No. It’s a school night. No. Mom and dad have friends coming over. No. I’m tired of listening to you whine today. He will sometimes ask “Can we do the motions?” This mean he wants to get ready for bed so his little brother will, too. Then when Bang goes to sleep, Crash gets to stay up late without his brother.


We built an igloo last weekend and it’s still standing. They’re calling for more snow this weekend. That will only make it stronger. We found out today seven kids will fit comfortably inside.

S: SONG YOU LAST SANG | Dave Matthews Band –                                                                     Satellite

I learned to play that intro lick so today I was trying to play along with Dave. I don’t the finger strength to keep up with him. Nor do I have the vocal chords or pitch or tone or anything else to sing with him.

T: TIME YOU WOKE UP | 6 a.m.

Plenty of time to make breakfasts, pack lunches, get everyone dressed, get everyone’s snow clothes on and out the door to school. Actually, only first one counts for everyone. The other 5 are for DW and Crash. Bang was still in his pajamas when we dropped off DW and Crash at their respective schools.


You know when someone (like DW) tell you you look sexy in something, that’s all you want wear. Boxer briefs. I used to be a tidy whitey guy. Not any more!


There are many places I’d like to visit. I’d like to see S. Korea where my brother is. I’d like to see the Mayan ruins and Caribbean where my aunt and uncle live. I love to go to Australia or Hawaii, too. Hopefully, we’ll make it back to MD this summer to see my parents.

W: WORST HABIT | I pick my thumbs

Once upon a time chewed my fingernails. I gave up that habit. But not I pick my thumbs. I start with the cuticle and keep picking. It’s just a habit, not out nervousness. Though being nervous does make me pick more… like when we found our newborn Crash was going to need open heart surgery.

X: X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD | My foot and chest

I jumped from the 4th or 5 or 6th stair at my parents house when I was in high school. I heard something pop and a lump formed on the outside of my foot. I still have no idea what happened. I had a chest x-ray as part of my physical during the immigration process.

Y: YOUR FAVORITE FOOD | Lasagna and Coke

Mmmm. Delicious cheesy noodley layers of pure bliss. Especially when DW makes it. And wash it down with a cold, carbonated, Coke.


Element – fire
Ruler – sun
Best for marriage – Aquarius (Thankfully, I did marry one!)
Strengths: Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous
Weaknesses: Arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, inflexible (no one’s perfect)
Today’s horoscope:

There will be a huge spike in your creative writing skills today, and you are in the perfect frame of mind to make the most of it! It will be a breeze for you to add some rhymes and witty stuff to your emails, text messages and voice mails today. You’ll entertain your friends and coworkers in a way that only you can, and you might even impress a few people while you’re doing it. Conveying your ideas in a memorable way will separate you from the average Joe, and get you more attention.

Bring it on! But what am I going to write that is SOOO creative and rhymey and witty?
I’ll entertain co-workers only if I’m workin’ and if I ain’t, that’s pretty shitty.

Okay, technically it didn’t say they would be good rhymes. Thanks for reading 1508 words!


24 thoughts on “ABCs of Me

  1. I will be continuing this thievery 😀

    And, while I’m not typically one to comment on anyone’s underwear, god no, not the tighty whities. My husband bought a pack once when he couldn’t find the boxers he wanted (he typically wears boxers with the comfort fit band, in case you were wondering) and they looked so awful I thought I was gonna bust a gut laughing. I threw them out and found the good stuff.

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