On the Road: Visiting Eli at Coach Daddy

Well, not literally. Especially today. There’s white out conditions and a chance to get a foot of snow today. I’m not going anywhere. I have my storm chips. We’re going to make some cookies later. We’re all set. Bring on the blizzard!

I also realized today is Bang’s very first snow day. It’s the first time for him that school has been cancelled due to snow.

Anyway, my blog is on the road today. It has traveled down the coast to North Carolina. I’ve been through North Carolina many times. But never TO North Carolina. My blog gets around more than I do!

Have you ever written things to yourself that you hope to do but realize in hindsight that you may have overshot? By like a million miles? I did that when I wrote down, before the kids were even born, what I wanted to teach them. That’s what’s over at Coach Daddy’s blog today. Eli has allowed me to be a guest on his blog and I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed.

You can read what I wrote by clicking on this sentence.

Please hop over to Eli’s check it out!


12 thoughts on “On the Road: Visiting Eli at Coach Daddy

  1. Yeah, it’s so easy to think we’ll figure out how to be parents quickly as they grow…but we’re learning just as much as they are. Before my oldest was born, I had a lot of things that I knew I wanted to teach him. Now I can’t even remember most of what that was — so here’s hoping it wasn’t important! Or maybe I just have caught on over the last 12 years. Absolutely, focus on what you’ve got right, show them it’s okay to mess up, and just accept that we learn as we grow, just like the runts.

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    • Our oldest gets cranky/angry when he messes up or something doesn’t go his way. So I’ve intentionally messed up or done something wrong or wrecked something I just built, just to show him it’s okay. Don’t need him going through life worrying about every little mistake he makes. And you’re definitely right about us parents learning as much about parenting as the kids grow as the kids are learning about life. Thanks for stopping by!


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