A Throw Back

ParkThe image on the left is of our park now. Prior to this park it was all open land with a very small, rusty, toddler jungle gym. Baby slides, a few swings, and an old school metal slide that you basically had to climb a ten foot ladder to ride the slide down. This is the after shot. The equipment to the right is more for toddlers while the equipment on the left is more for 6 and ups. But everyone, of course, play everywhere. If you look carefully you can see a large splash pad at                                                                                                 the back left.

Back in 2013, DW was heavily involved in our town’s park project. I can’t say enough about it really. Four people  spearheaded a committee of volunteers. They partnered with the organization “Let Them Be Kids” who matched the donations collected dollar for dollar. Four people and their team of volunteers drummed up enough donations in four short months to build a park worthy of a city 10 times our size. The park was essentially built in one day. There were days of prep before hand, naturally, but our town came together to put all the structures up on one wet, drizzly day. 500 people moving stone, drilling, bolting, lifting, working as a team… All it took was a few people to get motivated.  DW loved volunteering for that project. And I loved working behind the scenes putting the kids to bed on evenings she would be out for a meeting.

That’s when we developed a little tradition of sorts. One of those “when mom’s away” traditions. Whenever mom would be at a park meeting at bedtime, the boys would get to eat their toast and yogurt in bed. Our bed. Where there was a TV to watch. Back then, they’d watch Doc McStuffins.

single-music-notes-msc_note1The Doc is in and she’ll fix you upsingle-music-notes-msc_note1
If you’re a toy then you’re in luck

toast in bed

This photo is dated May 2014 – nearly 2 years ago


I made them sit on top of the covers. AND I put a towel down to eliminate all chances of crumbs in bed. They’re on DW’s side anyway.

Well, DW was out yesterday evening. Not for long, just during bedtime snack. So we brought back the tradition. The boys had just had a shower/bath and were all clean, lotioned and in pajamas. Mythbusters was on. We just learned this is their final season! (That’ll be another post)


Dated January 2016

It’s a fun little thing they do. Plus they actually sit together without killing one another. If you look carefully you’ll notice a piece of irony? In the first picture they are watching Doc McStuffins. In the second picture, that pink cup by the lamp is a Doc McStuffins cup!

Do you have any fun little traditions or fun little treats that only get used if the time is just right?

15 thoughts on “A Throw Back

  1. I am a grandma but go by Nana. My grandies are from 11 down to 5 months old. My son married a woman wit two and they have 3 together bur the male surgery is over. 5 is plenty, while my oldest girl has 2 boys snd youngest daughter is dating with no kids.
    Nana let’s kids okay slide off her bed with a slippery exercise mat, we eat junk food while watching TV or movies. Big Hero 6 is one favorite. My youngest and u have a traditional feast while watching “Love Actually” almost every December 22 or 23. She likes Chiwetel Ejiofor and Keira Knightley, I like Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and Colin Firth along with all the great music like Beatles and Joni Mitchell. Fun post and Happy new year to you! 🙂


    • My boys call my mom Nana. 🙂 You have quite the brood of grand babies! You sound like a really fun Nana. Big Hero 6 is a great movie. Both of my boys love that one too. Love Actually is both hilarious and touching. Great cast, greeat music. Thanks stopping by and commenting!


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