Sunday Share

Good morning, good afternoon, good night wherever you are in the world! Sundays are lazy days, so while you’re lazing around, I found a few great reads for you. Happy reading! And as before, if you wrote or read something funny, touching, moving, inspirational, or beautiful, please feel free to leave a link to it in the comments for us all check out.

Dairy Carrie
Farming is a business. $4.65 isn’t a business wage.

Opinionated Man
Social media and gaining followers.

A Momma’s View
Re-write the past, anyone?

Riddle From the Middle
When mom knows just the right answer

Globe Trotting Teen
An outstandingly hilarious travel buddy.

Hostage negotiations with a toddler. Hilarious must read.

Cheryl Elizabeth
When you’ve got three sons…



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