The Bakeries

Crash spent the night at Nanny and Pop’s house last night. So what did Bang I and I do while Mom was out shopping?

We made sugar cookie dough, of course.

Then we watched Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

He lost interest when the funny parts were over. He didn’t care for the singing and the true meaning of Christmas. Bah humbug…

Anyway, we made the dough, put it in the fridge to chill, watched the Grinch, then went to bed. This morning after breakfast, we checked the dough. Sure enough, it was chilled.


But not this chilled. (Thanks Nat Geo)

This morning the wind was howling. It was definitely cold. This is Canadaland, after all. And it’s snowing. C’mon Bang, lets finish those cookies!


“We are good of bakeries,” he told his mother. We’re not bakers when we’re cooking. We’re bakeries. Yesterday, he worn an apron. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him. He didn’t need it this morning to cut out the cookies.

After making some normal sized cookies, he wanted to make the tiny ones. Give’r buddy. If he messed it up I’d just roll it flat and start over. Just like Play Doh. He placed and pushed them carefully and there were no mess ups!  Probably because Woody was watching carefully. Elfis’s hangover got the better of him and he has keeled over.

Now to make the buttercream icing…

Mmmmm cookies…

If you want my sugar cookie recipe, I stole it from Georgie Bowers.

And if you want my buttercream recipe, I stole it from Karlynn Johnston (aka The Kitchen Magpie).

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Carefully adding his favorite color


Our finished product. Good enough to eat!

Right in the Feelings

I’ve seen this video making the rounds via Facebook recently. It involves kids, two Christmas presents, and a choice. If you are not moved by this video (especially at 1:50) then you are a heartless Grinch and we cannot be friends.

Crash will see this multiple times. As soon as he gets home from his sleepover at Nanny and Pop’s house.

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The Daily Elf

December 20th

Today they are little pranksters. But the joke is on themselves. Elfis has trapped Woody!


But not to be outdone… Or perhaps feeling a bit remorseful, Elfis then climbed in with Woody. Guess they’re looking for a way to keep warm on this cold, windy, snowy day.


The Daily Elf

December 19

Well, it finally happened. The elves didn’t move last night. DW woke at 2am, used the bathroom and noticed the elves still in last night’s location. She put them on my dresser when she came back to bed.

At 7am, Crash enters our room and I hear “Dad. Will you come help me find the elves?”


So when he goes to the basement, the elves moved to a new spot. They must have gotten thirsty on their trip back from the Pole last night.


Jingle All the Way


If you’re going to jingle you might as well jingle all the way. And that’s exactly what the kids at Crash’s school did earlier this week. Each class from grades primary (kindergarten if you’re in the States) to 5 performed two songs for their Christmas concert.

It did start with a bit of a fiasco, though. No concert would be complete without one. However, this fiasco occurred at home. The morning of the big performance and we find out that Crash has no dress pants. Or, at least, none that fit. So he tried to go to school in gym clothes!

Nice try, chach.

So we won the battle and got him to wear jeans and a white button up shirt with this Santa tie.

After I dropped off DW (aka Mom) at school, I took Crash and Bang to Wal-Mart to see if we could find dress pants and better button up shirt. We were in luck! However, the pants were four inches too long. Pants either fit him in the waist or the length. Never both.

So I get the pants and shirt and drop the kids off at their school (a different school than Mom’s). And dash home like Rudolph with his tail on fire. I turn the pants inside out, roll them up four inches and use a magical thing called “stitch witchery”. It for those of who can’t, or in my case, don’t have time to sew. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically iron on glue tape. So essentially I glued his pants up instead of actually hemming them.

Anyway, with his pants now the right length, I drive back out to school to give them to him. He changed while I was still there so I could make sure I did it right. Naturally, I did. Mark one in the books for dad.

They had a matinee performance in the afternoon – that’s the show Nanny and Pop went to see. After school, we heard that he sang loud and proud. Nanny and Pop were proud of him. Then Crash says to me, “My friend and I are doing something hilarious at the end of Hip Hop Elf. Want to know what it is?”

“NOOOO!” Just like his mother, we’d rather wait and be surprised.

He’s also in choir. So not only did he have his two songs to learn for his class’s performance, but also a fifteen minute performance to learn for choir as they kicked off the whole night of performances with a medley of Christmas songs.

Once upon a time, Crash was too shy to be up on stage. It’s so nice to see him coming out of his shell. He wanted to do a duet with a friend, but I guess it didn’t work out this year. That’s a HUGE step for him!

We got to the school early that evening so we could be one of the first in line. DW held the tickets and told me, “I’ll give them our tickets, you go get us seats up front.” It reminded me door buster Black Friday sales you always hear about. Everyone rushing and scrambling for good seats. Or perhaps it’s what will be happening at the opening of A Force Awakens.



We get our seats.
The choir enters.
Crash finds us and waves frantically.
We wave back and he takes his spot on the riser and the concert is officially under way.


The Hip Hop Elf was a rap about Elves and point ears and pointy toes. It was super cute, of course. Then we get to see his and his friend’s “hilarious” thing at the end of Hip Hop Elf he had tried to spoil for us earlier.


Elf Thugs

The Daily Elf

December 18th

If you’re looking for December 17, forget about it. I didn’t post it because… well because I was a slacker. Don’t worry you didn’t miss anything. One was perched on the star on top of the Christmas tree and the other on a wall sconce nearby. Nothing fancy.

Today is the boys last day of school before Christmas break. Two whole weeks home with mom and dad. We’re going to play a game called “Lose your sanity”. The first one to lose it has to pull their hair out.

Since it is the last day of school, the elves wanted to look their best. So they’ve made it a spa day. Here they are relaxing after their shower. Hope they don’t look at me arse while I’m on the shitter!


Christmas Around the World

Since joining WordPress, I have connected with people from around the world. It’s incredible to read about Christmas in Australia where it’s summer time and they go to the beach and it’s light until 9:30pm. Oh, and it’s hot.

Obviously, it’s cold here in the northern hemisphere. Here in Canada, it’s cold for a long, long time. And it gets dark at 4:30.

This causes Christmas traditions to be vastly different. We typically decorate our houses in festive colors and decorative lights. We put up Christmas trees – some use real tress, some use fake ones. We decorate them with lights, bulbs, and ornaments bought and ornaments homemade. Some add garland or tinsel or candy canes. I’ve seen strings of popcorn and cranberries.

Carolers will walk through town spreading Christmas spirit and good cheer with their songs.

Some go to a Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

There are so many different traditions around the world. Please share some (in the comment section) that you practice in your corner of the Earth.




Marriage Hurts

I was out shoveling for the first time this winter season. Afterwards, my first thought was that if we had a winter home in Australia it would be summer time. My second thought was that marriage hurts.

Big leap there, I know.

How did I learn that marriage hurts while shoveling snow?

The calloused blister on my hand taught me. That blister was caused by my wedding band while I was shoveling the driveway at 6:30 am so DW could drive to work.

That’s how I know.

It’s the kicks in the night from the restless spouse. It’s the cold feet put on your warm body because your partner wants you to warm them up. It’s the snuggling in such a way that your arm or leg falls asleep and gets that pins and needles feeling.

It’s the working around the house attempting to get the “honey do” list done. “Honey, do move this over there. Honey, do fix this and this and this. Honey, do figure out what’s going on with this and that.”

There will be injuries with each of those honey dos. At least, there will be they way I do handyman. Banged a finger with the hammer. Cut myself on/with something – chances are I won’t remember how. Burned myself. Fell down the stairs getting the tools. Fell up the stairs carrying an armful of whatever needed to be moved because I’m too stubborn to make more than one trip.

Then there are the “smacks”. Okay, perhaps I shouldn’t have scared DW while she was in the shower. I deserved that punch, but it was totally worth it.i-love-being-married-its-so-great-to-find-that-one-special-person-you-want-to-annoy-for-the-rest-of-your-life-19

I probably shouldn’t have hit the brakes in the truck while she getting a
drink, either. I deserved that smack, too. Again, it was funny as hell. I know it was asshole thing to do and she told me so. The three year old then says, “Yeah dad, don’t be an asshole.” To which the seven year old replied, “Great! Now you got him saying asshole.” We were laughing far too hard to discipline anyone.

Then there are 6033e937d3d06be26b8ad4e8fb998060the arguments – or heated discussions if you’re in our house. They hurt, too. But not the kind of hurt you can typically see. It’s no fun arguing with the one you love. But when you share absolutely everything – a dinner table, a bed, a toilet, responsibilities, kids – there’s bound to be an argument or two. Just because two people argue doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. But still, it hurts.

But, you know what?

We wouldn’t have it any other way. This little thing called love binds us together. Sure we drive each other batshit crazy. Isn’t that the fun part? And I’m pretty sure it was in our vows to love each other in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, for sanity and insanity…

So, with a calloused blistered hand, I will continue to shovel the snow in the driveway because I don’t need to say I love you in order to show that I love you.

Love story