The Daily Elf (or Parenting Win)

December 23

You haven’t seen the elves for two days now because the elves haven’t been here. They took a break. The kids were having trouble getting along and were doing an unusual amount of fighting, bickering, and tormenting. So Woody and Elfis left a note saying they would be staying with Santa and helping in his workshop for the day. If they came back to a good note from Mom and Dad they’d stay. Otherwise, they’d return to the North Pole to keep helping. They said they like making toys but they’d rather be here with Crash and Bang.

Crash and Bang didn’t try to get along that first day. The fighting continued. At bedtime Crash was worried they wouldn’t be back for Christmas. I let him know they would be, he just needed to try harder to not argue with us or fight with his brother.

It worked.

Yesterday morning there was no arguing. There was no fighting. There was some stomping and screaming from the four year old. He’s been in “I don’t give a shit” mode for a couple weeks now. However, Crash was trying really hard despite his brother’s attitude.

As we were leaving the house yesterday morning, I told Crash to change out of his sneakers and put on boots for our hike. Normally, there would have been an argument. But not this time, he simply changed. We went to the library to print Bang a Princess Peach on the 3D printer then headed out for a hike. There’s never any fighting on the trails. I love it.

Plus, the boys were amazed, standing silently in awe as we watched a squirrel no more than six feet away.


After lunch, they played Wii together – Disney Infinity. Crash was letting Bang win and Bang was laughing hysterically. It was music to our ears.

We watched “The Polar Express” this evening. Both boys were captivated and watched the whole thing. Whereas, usually one or both get restless and starts distracting and disrupting.

Of course, there were some minor hiccups in their behavior yesterday. But overall, it was exactly what were hoping for. I let Crash know all of this at bedtime tonight. It really did make him feel good to remember the day and all the good things that happened, especially the good things that he helped make happen.

Are the elves back this morning?

You betcha.


Anyone up for some zip lining?

14 thoughts on “The Daily Elf (or Parenting Win)

  1. I love hearing about Crash and Bang – the memories of mine when they were little make me nostalgic and tired all over again.
    If only we could channel that energy to fuel a small city, right?
    Thank you for sharing the magic of your hike – something about walking together as a family to fix all of the little problems.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Michelle! Kids are absolutely exhausting. But in a good way (if that’s possible). Their energy could power a small nation! Our hikes are nearly always wonderful. Suddenly nothing else exists except nature. We had spotted a couple squirrels earlier in the hike, but they scurried away incredibly quick. This one hung out for a solid five minutes. He’d eat, he’s scamper up the tree and then come back to eat some more. The boys were enthralled. Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!

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      • Squirrels have almost killed me more than once. In addition to the family on the hike, our German Shorthair pointer goes, too. He has pulled me down a river bank or two in pursuit of a furry friend.
        Love those hikes where it’s just you and nature and the ones you love.
        May you get another one in before Santa visits 🙂

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      • I would be great to get out one more time. It would have to be this afternoon. I wish my DW wasn’t allergic to dogs because we’d have one. The boys adore them. But when their mom is around them she gets so stuffed up she can’t breathe 😦 I can easily envision the pooch hauling you through the woods chasing squirrels!


  2. Ahhh! Your post never fail to make me smile, especially with the elves in the picture now. Kids fighting can be so exhausting. Sometimes I think it could be a growth spirt going on. The battles go on for 2-3 days and then boom! It’s like nothing has ever happened! Merry Christmas eve, eve Eric!

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    • Merry Christmas Eve Eve to you, too! Unfortunately, I think the boys are at a stage where Crash, being 4 years old, isn’t interested in the little kid stuff that Bang is still into. That’s when the fights arise. Eventually, they’ll be at the same stage again and the waters will smooth. If only for a little while. Weird how they can they can fighting so hard one minute then snuggling and watching TV 2 minutes later. Ugh… kids..


    • It was so nice to get out. We haven’t been for a hike for too long. Zip lining is fun. I did it last summer and had a blast. The elves are glad to back 🙂 Better hanging out here than back at the North Pole making toys.

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  3. Like the names for your kids – clever. The names describe my two kids – W and O – and probably most kids. Mine still fight, though mostly its verbal. They’re growing – W is a senior in high school and O is a seventh grader and they’re separated by almost five years. Some days they can be tender and best buddies and some day mortal enemies ratting each other out. Right now they diverge, later in life they’ll converge and understand each other. Love the hike idea – maybe I’ll take one when it stops drizzling outside. In the meantime, you inspired me to press play on Polar Express. Thanks and Merry Christmas.


    • Polar Express is a great book and they did a fantastic job with the movie. I wish I could find the blog where I got the nicknames for Crash and Bang. It was blogger who has daughter he nicknamed Crash because of all the accidents she created. We got lucky on our hike yesterday. On our way out it started snowing 🙂 Good luck with your kids. They’ll come together soon enough.


    • Nature is a great drug to calm nerves and stop arguments. I’ve always thought about bring the Elves back to visit on birthdays. But by the time birthdays finally roll around in the summer, I’ve forgotten.


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