Christmas Around the World

Since joining WordPress, I have connected with people from around the world. It’s incredible to read about Christmas in Australia where it’s summer time and they go to the beach and it’s light until 9:30pm. Oh, and it’s hot.

Obviously, it’s cold here in the northern hemisphere. Here in Canada, it’s cold for a long, long time. And it gets dark at 4:30.

This causes Christmas traditions to be vastly different. We typically decorate our houses in festive colors and decorative lights. We put up Christmas trees – some use real tress, some use fake ones. We decorate them with lights, bulbs, and ornaments bought and ornaments homemade. Some add garland or tinsel or candy canes. I’ve seen strings of popcorn and cranberries.

Carolers will walk through town spreading Christmas spirit and good cheer with their songs.

Some go to a Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.

There are so many different traditions around the world. Please share some (in the comment section) that you practice in your corner of the Earth.





19 thoughts on “Christmas Around the World

  1. Typically on Christmas day, my husband and I stay home and relax. But this year, we will be spending it with some of his family I’ve never met. Should be fun!

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  2. Oh, I didn’t know you were in Canada? Where from?

    I am in QuΓ©bec, here we mostly celebrate on the 24th. This year, Christmas will be a bit different for me as my British boyfriend will be here for the holidays. I did some researches and planned a whole British Christmas dinner for the 25th, and tried to include some of his traditions… πŸ™‚

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      • Well, the food is a bit different. I will bake the well known Yorkshire pudding, and we will also have “mince pies”. Also, in my family we almost always had Christmas suppers, but in England they celebrate on lunchtime… I found “crackers” with silly hats to wear… I’m glad he will also have the chance to live a snowy QuΓ©bec Christmas though! πŸ™‚

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      • Awesome. We have Mince Pies (we just call them meat pies) and Christmas crackers. We have snow on the ground today, but it’s supposed to be 13 and rainy tomorrow. Not sure we’ll get more before Christmas. Last year, it was 12 degrees Christmas Day!


      • I wish you a white Christmas! πŸ™‚ The snow was late here, but it’s all white now since Monday… I remember being in Halifax for the holidays when I was a kid and I was very impressed with the lack of snow!

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      • While my wife and I were dating (10+ years ago) it was nearly always a white Christmas. But more recently it’s hit and miss. Sometimes it is sometimes not. Usually the big snows don’t come until the new year.

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  3. Here in Los Angeles, we envy those with snowy Christmases and carolers, no less. This year it looks like we’ll at least have a somewhat chilly Christmas – – some years it’s 80 degrees. Christmas Eve usually involves midnight mass and tamales for dinner.

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    • It funny how we always associate snow with Christmas, but there’s probably as many places that don’t get snow as there are places that do. Must a northern hemisphere thing πŸ™‚ Do people do Christmas lights in LA? Or not so much because there’s no snow?

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      • We go crazy with lights here. I call my husband Clark Griswold (from “Christmas Vacation” ) because like his character in the movie, he decorates our house to the extent that I’m sure you could see it from space. We also have ice skating rinks, etc in the city. but they are a very urban version amid high rises and taco trucks. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the post. Fun to hear about how things are done all around the world.

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  4. In New York, it’s mostly the same. Personally, it’s more the build up. I love shopping for Christmas. Finding the perfect token for each person. I love the decorations. I love Christmas movies. Nothing beats curling up with hot coco and watching Christmas movies. It’s going out and taking the sites of the city. Wrapping the presents to perfection. It’s the festive aspect of things. Then Christmas movie, now that we’re adults, waking up and showering and put on your favorite pj’s and then sittting down with everyone ,having coffee and breakfast. Then opening presents and putting a smile on everyone’s face. That’s Christmas for me.

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    • NY gets a good bit of snow during the winter πŸ™‚ The build up to Christmas is exciting. Though harder on the kids than us adults. The movies are fun (even the cheesy one my wife and I watched last night). Christmas morning is always magical watching the kids rip into their gifts.


  5. In Australia, it’s usually stinking hot on Christmas Day! Most people stay away from hot Christmas lunch like roast turkey, and enjoy prawns, seafood, and turkey and ham is cooked the day before and enjoyed cold with salads! I’d love a white Christmas one year and experience the whole fireplace and eggnog and mulled wine πŸ™‚

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    • Good point. I wouldn’t want to cook a turkey in 30+ degree weather either. I love the snow and dark evenings but it would be fun to experience a summertime Christmas. Wanna trade next year?


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