Santa Stress

It happens to at least one of our kids every year. It has happened in previous years with Crash, and now it happens to Bang.

Santa stress.

When our Christmas tree first went up the boys knew that was the signal for Woody and Elfis to return. They were looking forward to their return. There was a very distinct change in Bang’s attitude and behaviour. Before the elves arrival, if he got frustrated with something – it could have been anything from the wrong color bowl to the way his socks fit to the zipper on his jacket – he would stomp and growl/scream. He wouldn’t ask for help.

He didn’t want help.

He’d stomp and then carry on trying to do whatever it was he was trying to do. However, after our elves returned, his stomping and growling stopped instantly. He would calmly ask for help. It was bliss.

For 12 whole days.

Now, he’s seen Santa three times in three different locations. We discovered he’s now scared/shy of Santa. Crash never was. Bang just developed this phobia. Not once has he sit on Santa’s lap to tell him what he wanted for Christmas this year. Only once did he approach Santa. But that was because he was passing out presents (coloring books and markers) to Bang’s class.

*Side note – He was upset upon opening his coloring book and markers because it’s not what he was asking for. It wasn’t a combine harvester. However, he now has nearly every picture in his book colored and his markers will often travel with him.

Anyway, Santa was in his classroom for a quick visit last Friday. When we went to school today, Bang broke down in tears on our way in.

“I don’t want to go to school.” he told me.

I held his hand and continued walking. When he covered his mouth to hide his crying, I clued in that he was scared of something and that something could only have been Santa. Normally, he can’t wait to get to school. He loves it. I carried him into class and one of his teachers talked to him to find out what he wanted to start his day doing. Turns out he wanted to play with the glitter.

“I’m happy, now” he told his teacher after many glittered ornaments.

Remember I mentioned Santa stress in the beginning? Bang is officially tired of being “good”. The stomping and growling has returned. One can only be on their best behavior for so long. With everyone asking him about Santa coming, asking him if he’s being good, the anticipation of Christmas morning, it’s all become just too much handle any more.

It use to happen to Crash, too. So many people would ask him if he’s ready for Santa, if he was being good, he would go into melt down mode for the last week and half before Christmas.

This would be one of the disadvantages of starting the Christmas season too early.




20 thoughts on “Santa Stress

  1. Poor little fella. 😦 We don’t do the naughty/nice stuff with Santa, but still LM has been *praying* that he’ll be on the good list, despite being reminded that there is no list and he’s always a good boy even if he makes poor choices at times. It’s sad how much pressure they put on themselves.

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  2. My little one likes the idea of Santa, likes what Santa leaves under the tree, but if she sees a real life Santa within 100 feet of her she won’t even look his way. She’s never sat on Santa’s lap either. When we bring up the subject we get a “Nope, not for me.” Oh, well. I’ll try some glitter. 🙂

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  3. Poor guy! To be honest though: I find the concept of your child sitting on a strangers lap slightly weird… We’ve never done it with the kids. I think at least… Well, I guess it’s because the tradition is a bit different in Switzerland too. Nikolaus visits on December 6th and he brings mandarins and nuts and chocolate and then he sits down and the kids have to either sing a little song for him or recite a little poem. Then he tells the kids what they did right and wrong throughout the year before he hands out the treats. The entire family is present. Usually it’s either a family member or a friend who dresses up as Nikolaus. Sometimes it’s even someone else. There’s a bit of a business of course in that too…

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    • Thanks for the little cultural lesson! I didn’t even think of how Christmas is celebrated around the world. But I do agree a bit that it’s weird to get our kids to sit on a stranger’s lap. Obviously, we don’t make ours if they don’t want to. Crash will, Bang won’t.

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    • This doesn’t happen to our oldest (8) any more. But once upon a time when he was his brother’s age, it did. The build up and the anticipation just become too much. A bit like being over stimulated. They get stressed, too. As soon as Christmas is over it’s back to normal life 🙂


      • I get that way when I’m stressed, there is a lot of activity and noise going on around me and I get overstimulated. The first person to speak to me at that point, is subjected to my angry state, with words and actions that I don’t really mean, and have to go back and apologize later. This year there were over 600 wheelchair athletes in one place, all trying to line up in order by state. After being told to go here, then to go there, I go off. This year I warned the person I always go off on in advance, and then did not blow up at her later.

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      • I think happens to most people. When there’s just too much going on – too much noise, too many people, too much rushing around, too much activity – it stresses us until we can’t take it any more and snap at the first unsuspecting (usually undeserving) person. That’s A LOT of wheelchair athletes in one place at one time!


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