Infinity Dreams and Loyal Dragons

Awards are interesting. If only they would provide some extra cash flow… But it does mean someone was thinking of my blog and feels it’s deserving of such admiration. Big thanks to my blogging friend over at A Momma’s View for nominating me. You should check out her post from yesterday. I swear it has something about nudity. On a beach! In Australia!


As with most awards, there are rules? Will I follow them? Will I bend them? Or will I just break ’em like dried puhsketti?

Here are the rules for the award:

  • Thank and follow the blog that nominated you. Yep.
  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself. See Below
  • Answer questions that were set for you to answer. See Below Below
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and set question for them. I’ll Try

11 facts about myself. I’ll try to get too personal and cross that TMI line.

  1. I’m bald but only because I shave my head thanks to a spot of alopecia on the back of my head. Perhaps one day it’ll cover all of my head and I won’t have to shave it any more!
  2. I would rather play a sport than watch a sport.
  3. My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate chip, or mint oreo or anything that is mint and chocolate.
  4. I speak two languages. English and igpay atinlay.
  5. I think Cards Against Humanity is hilarious.
  6. I sleep fully dressed (t-shirt and pajama pants)
  7. I love cooking. Most nights.
  8. I can fall down the stairs and I can fall up the stairs.
  9. I am a Star Wars fan(atic). I would love to take the fam to see The Force Awakens.
  10. I tan very easily.
  11. 11 facts is a lot.

Now to one of my most favorite parts: Answering the questions:

  1. Your greatest strength?
    The distance I can run without stopping, my patience, and my cooking.
  2. Your greatest weakness?
    Birthdays. I suck at birthdays.
  3. Your favorite season of the year and why?
    Fall. I love the warm days and cold nights.
  4. What item would you want to save from your burning home if you could only save one?
    I would save the four stuffies pictured in my header and the external hard drive.
  5. If you and Bear Grylls would be stranded on a deserted island, with what would you be able to impress him?
    That I could out-survive him? Unlikely, but I would be willing to do whatever it takes to survive.
  6. If you’d have a bucket list, what would I find on top of the list?
    Run the Boston Marathon?
  7. What is the one destination you would love to travel to?
    Pyramids in Egypt or Maryland. Or Australia.
  8. What mystical creature would you like to have as a pet and why?
    A dragon like Valcor or an Owl like Hedwig.
  9. What other language than yours would you like to be fluent in?
    French or Gaelic.
  10. If you could ask one question to a very special person, what and who would it be?
    I would ask DW for a foot massage.
  11. What kind of ice cream flavor would you like to invent?
    Mint Chocolate chunk with candy cane pieces.


Finding Rachel’s Way
Of Life She Writes
Peek Into My Life
Kismaslife (When she returns)

I’m going to cheat and just say “use the above questions to answer” should you choose to accept the award.

There are many others. However, they don’t do this award thing, but they know who they are! Right, Ah Dad, Coach Daddy, Strong Enough to Break, and Elen? Should you decide you want an award, it’s all yours!

Lastly, thanks to Ann over at Grubbs-n-Critters for the nominating me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. It’s rules were pretty much the same as the Infinity Award. So this is two-fer one.


I do love dragons. Though I’m not quite the fair, red-headed maiden depicted here.


I’ll be back to my normal writing (whatever normal is) tomorrow…

13 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams and Loyal Dragons

    • A friend and I took our lightsabers when we went to see The Phantom Menace. No doubt we’d be taking them to see The Force Awakens as well. The nerds shall inherit the earth 🙂


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