I’ve been blogging for how long?



Almost three years?

That can’t be right.

I started blogging on Google’s Blogger. I only did that because I already had a gmail account so it seemed logical.

Here’s my very first post on Blogger. (now transferred over to WP)

Did you see the date it was published? No? Look again.

April 25, 2013.

Granted, back then I was only writing, at most, 7 posts a month. Most months had only 3 posts. But still. That was nearly three years ago!

Most of my posts over there were getting less than 20 views per day. I had written forty posts and there was a grand total of seven comments- three of them being my own. I went through those old posts last night. Some of them were fun to write and I’ll probably be reposting some of them over the next few weeks. But I did have to edit out Crash and Bang’s real names.

January 5, 2015, I officially made the switch to WordPress. Once here, I discovered that I could link my two blogs. However, I just transferred my Blogger posts to WP andmade a complete switch.

I discovered after seeing one of Tracey’s post on Facebook. Since making the switch to WordPress I feel I’ve gained a following, found some virtual blogging friends, found some great blogs to read, and have discoveredΒ  the whole blogging world. It’s interesting to see how this whole network is connected.

I wasn’t getting this from Blogger. Hell, I was just having trouble finding blogs to read over there, let alone feeling like I was a part of something bigger. To those I follow who are on Blogger now, I am in no way bashing Blogger. It just wasn’t working for me.

Anyway, I just realized that I’ve been blogging officially for almost three years. Though, only one of them has been here at WP. That blogiversary is next month.

How long have you been blogging. Were you blogging on different platform before WordPress?


24 thoughts on “I’ve been blogging for how long?

  1. …to WP 2 years ago. (Oops! Typed too fast!). I share your sentiments on blogger. Love the WP community but also a bit of hard work. Just checked out your 1st post. Man! You look so look different. The hair and much skinnier too! Must be the kids!πŸ˜‰ Something to celebrate next month!

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  2. First, congratulations! Three years is a great accomplishment.

    It’ll be four years this January for me. I had a couple of Blogger blogs before this, neither of which I want to think about anymore. They’ve both been blown away. I do simulcast my blog on Blogger, and have since February; I use IFTTT to make that happen. I don’t get that much traffic on it, but that’s okay. Like you said, it’s not exactly conducive to building community (although a lot of my blogging buddies are on it), and I didn’t like the inability to do pingbacks or the way comments are handled.

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    • Exactly. I feel more connected here. Pingbacks, comments, reblogging… it seems better on WP. Here, I can easily find blogs to read, but I can also form a network of friends which I had nothing of over on Blogger. Maybe because I was too unfamiliar with it or perhaps it just didn’t exist.


  3. Three years! Long time to stick with it, sweet!

    A little over a year here. I used WordPress for jobs, so that’s why I decided to use it to try blogging. I had a LiveJournal in college, but otherwise that’s the extent of my blogging history.

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  4. So great that you stuck to it! I started on WP October 2011, but really didn’t post much until September 2014. I think WP is a great place to start and get to know others. Branching out of Word press to meet other bloggers (linky parties) really expands the readership! Congrats!

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