There is Still Good Left

There is good in this world. Even with all the atrocities happening around the world, there is still good and it will always trump the evil. Regular people acting as heroes because real heroes don’t wear capes. People doing small acts with great love.

Take for instance, this couple from California visiting Cape Breton Island for a music concert.


I’m not talking about the couple who graciously paid for another couple’s meal. Paying it forward happens frequently (228 consecutive times at a Tim Hortons). I’m talking about the couple who had their meal paid for. Usually, in an act of kindness, you get a thank you then you move on without a second thought. This couple – Jim and Amber, took it one step further. They wrote in to the local paper to describe the kindness bestowed upon them. We didn’t pay for their meal because we wanted the recognition. That’s not why good deeds are done. Good deeds are done because happiness is found when you make others happy.


Then, there’s our local Saints – our high school. When new uniforms were purchased for the basketball team, the old ones were sent to Africa. The coach received a picture of the team in their “new” uniforms. Amazing act of kindness. However, the coach noticed something else in the picture. Their feet. No shoes. So he’s starting a shoe drive. One step further up the ladder of awesomeness.



That conversation about shoes led me to this discovery. A fellow runner, and good friend, who does great things within his running community also makes a difference in running communities around the world.

Running Shoes

They’re making a difference two feet at a time.


A lady I went to school with growing up, who also lived across the street from me, now has a daughter doing amazing work in the world of kindness. Sunshine on A Ranney Day is a non-profit organization that creates dream rooms and homes for children with long-term illnesses.

SOARD has quickly become a leading charity in Atlanta with expertise in residential ADA modifications including wheelchair accessible bathrooms, ramps, widened doorways…, therapy rooms, custom built medical storage, and unique children’s room design.  It is the hope of SOARD that each family who receives a makeover have a renewed sense of hope knowing their child has a fun and safe environment to live in while at home.

My DW (and her brother) participate in Relay for Life every year. Together, they have raised over $50,000 for cancer research. My dad and brother (and his father-in-law) participate in Buffalo’s Ride for Roswell, raising thousands for cancer research.

In a world that is hurting, there is healing. In a world where evil seems to be the first stories told, there is kindness right behind it.


10 thoughts on “There is Still Good Left

  1. Yes there is still so much good in this world. We have to look a little harder to notice because it’s the awful that makes the news. I appreciate you sharing these stories and links…the basketball team photo is priceless!

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    • The two stories – the basketball team and the run – are both friends of mine. I was quite proud of them for their acts. It is the tragedies that make the headlines most often. Wish it wasn’t so.


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