The Daily Elf

December 2nd

We have a little beach jar full of shells decorating our window sill. Beside that jar are four small vials and some post-it notes. Occasionally, we will leave each other “secret” notes for each other written on a post it note, rolled up tightly and slipped into the family member’s vial. We keep a bucket of the notes we’ve written so far this year. This morning, Woody and Elfis have been found writing us their own notes.

They write that Santa appreciated how well Crash played with Bang outside after school yesterday. He also appreciates how Bang hasn’t been stomping and screaming. He tells me that he loved the turkey soup I made last night (the elves must have taken him some).  Last, but not least, he has asked DW for a push or two if his sleigh gets stuck Christmas Eve. Perhaps I’ll stick some antlers on her, give her red nose and call her Rudolf!



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