A Month in Review

My blog has been growing steadily since August. November continued that trend. It brought in some great numbers. Those numbers are great only because you, my readers, are great. Thank you. These numbers would all be zeros if it weren’t for all of you. You do know how to make this blogging thing interesting!

October was a good month, but November was even better. October saw 29 posts. November saw 11 more than that. That’s 40 posts if you don’t feel like doing the math. Thanks all you readers, I topped 1,000 views. There were 355 more views this month than last with a total of 1,229. There was the same increase between September and October. There were 384 visitors which is 87 more than October. Again, it was the same increase as last month. There were 442 “Likes” – 167 more than October.

This time Thailand beat out Canada in countries with the most views. The US came in at 665, Thailand scored 145, and Canada brings home the bronze with 135. Come on Canada… I should have the home field advantage here!

Grubbs-n-Critters, Strong Enough to Break, and A Momma’s View were my top three commenters this. Thanks! Kismaslife and AhDad get honorable mentions.

This month brought me my 200th WordPress follower. OF Life She Writes, was the lucky 200th. October ended with 180 followers. November ends with 216 for a gain of 36. That’s my largest gain in one month since I started blogging. Rachel, The Funny Thing About Parenting, and Kelly are my three latest followers. Thanks! Will you be next? (Remember, you don’t need a wordpress account to follow me and your email address will not be shared with anyone)

I had the honor of being a guest (for a second time) at A Momma’s View. She asked me to describe the woes and joys of teaching and relate it to homeschooling. You can read that one on her blog here. Thanks for allowing me to be your guest! Now to get some guests of my own for the holidays…

Besides my home page, Life Before/After Kids was the most popular for the month. The most viewed page for the year is still The Value of A Teacher with 499. I thought Two Faced Kids would do better than it did.

We paid our respects at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day. Thank you to all who have severed and are currently serving. I know I have (and had) many, many family members on my side and DW’s side in military service – my brother included. We celebrated American Thanksgiving. I cooked the turkey and all that goes with it and we had nine around the table. Yesterday, I made Not Sink Soup with all the leftover turkey we were tired of eating. This time it was delicious! Christmas had it’s love child in our house – we’re fully decorated inside and out. Our tree is a work in progress, though. But that’s for another post. This month welcomes Woody and Elfis – our Elves on the Shelves who you will be seeing every morning in The Daily Elf.

22 thoughts on “A Month in Review

    • LOL That’s what I was thinking! I think you two are carrying all of Thailand in my countries column πŸ˜€ Thanks! I wouldn’t call myself a chart addict. I just know how to use Excel to make them πŸ™‚ But you can expect to see them in my month in reviews from now on. That is, if I can remember to make them.


    • I’m enjoying the growth and the connections to other bloggers. A thought crossed my mind today. How big is too big? At what point will it be so big that it takes more time than I have to commit? Guess I’ll know if/when I get there πŸ™‚


      • You know the connections are the best part for me. In some ways it’s easier to make them over Facebook, but Facebook also adds another element of time consumption. Glad to have connected with you, even if I’m a little spotty πŸ˜‰

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ditto! Thanks for the connection πŸ™‚ No worries about being spotty. I am, too. I’m thinking a FB page will get set up sometime in the future should my blog continue to grow. I’m only at couple hundred WP followers now, though. So I’m in no rush.


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