Saturday Share

We’re down to just 27 days until Christmas. Hard to believe another on is coming. It was just after last Christmas that I started blogging. Nearly a year has gone by already?

Anyway, I found some great reads for you today. Hope you enjoy!

A worthy read before going to teacher/creature night.

Strong Enough to Break
There might be a swear word or two (or a hundred) here. Depends on where you’re from.

A Momma’s View
If you click on one link, make sure it’s this one. Your life on line are your tattoos.

Life Kids and A Glass of Red
The bigger your boots, the deader the spider.

Properly Ridiculous
Dear Writer’s Block…

I know it’s not December, yet. But are we now in the Christmas season since American Thanksgiving is over? Hope the Christmas spirit (or the spirit of whatever holiday you may celebrate) finds you! It’s still looking for me, today.


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