A Turkey Named Geronimo


PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook


We had a turkey for supper last night. He was very well behaved and had the best manners. He ate all his supper, but perhaps had a bit too much fruit punch. He got this crazy idea that he could fly.

We tried to stop him, but he was too stubborn. He walked to the top of the cliff. We begged him not to jump.

But he did. And I swear, for just a minute, that turkey was flying. Unfortunately for him, it was for only the first minute.

We’re having turkey for supper tonight. Poor soul tastes great with gravy.

*Side note: Turkeys CAN fly. They roost in trees and I’m pretty sure they don’t climb up there. I’m not entire sure if this turkey would survive a flight from as high as this cliff looks. This turkey didn’t.

This is a story in 100 words for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle-Wisoff-Fields based on the photo above. Click the blue frog to read more stories inspired by this photo!


19 thoughts on “A Turkey Named Geronimo

    • I was just lookin’ for your story earlier today (I may or not have been seeking ideas). Thanks for stopping by. The stuffing was great. I used “too much” says my wife. I didn’t know there was such a thing. When I took the turkey out of the oven the stuffing had swelled and was falling out all over the place.


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