A Two Sentence Story?

Ever heard of a story written in two sentences? I participate in a 100 word story challenge. Though, last week I bent the rules just a smidgen. Instead of writing one story, I wrote two that were related. So technically I used 200 words. But it was two stories. That counts, right? Read it here if you want. It’s loosely based on some other fairy tale about a shoe.

Anyway, I saw C.S. Wilde was hosting a two sentence story and I thought, hmmm could I? So I took that above story and attempted to tell it in two sentences. Almost worked, but I changed it slightly. Not realizing it was a contest, she gave me an Honorable Warriors award! Thanks C.S.! Feel free to check out the link and look for Stomperdad’s story. Check out the other stories, too. You’ll be amazed at how much can be conveyed in just two sentences.

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