Two Faced Kids

In the span of 30 seconds I can see four different moods in one kid. Laughter turns to frustration turns to screaming and stomping turns back to happy again. It happened just this morning over a pair of socks.

Bang woke up after a restless sleep (he’s not feeling well and has been running a low grade fever for four days now). He came downstairs to the kitchen to greet us then headed back upstairs to change out of his pajamas. He returned fully dressed then realized he had forgotten socks. He laughed about it then headed back up the stairs.529603

From the kitchen, and probably within a three mile radius, we suddenly heard him stomping and crying. Knowing he wasn’t hurt, I went up to see what was wrong. Any guesses? Did you guess he couldn’t find his grey socks? Yep. He had the basket of socks dumped all over the hallway floor looking for his grey socks. The black and red ones just wouldn’t do. This frustration prompted the stomping and crying complete with crocodile tears.

He turned the tears off upon my arrival. We’ve been trying to teach him to ask for help nicely instead of this stomping and crying. It’s a work in progress. Mostly work, not much progress. Anyway, after a quick look in the laundry basket (instead of the sock basket – we get a little lazy when it comes to putting socks away) I located his grey socks. He put them on himself (naturally inside out because that’s how he rolls) and the crises was averted.

Crash can do the same thing. Except, now that he’s eight he doesn’t use the tears anymore (usually). Like when it comes to chores he can growl and complain that he doesn’t want to do them. Hell, he’ll even go as far as ignoring me. This morning I asked him to round up the garbage cans from upstairs so we could take the garbage to the curb this morning. Instead he sat himself in the living room chair to watch TV with his brother. HA! Nice try chach (after reading this definition we realized it fit Crash and Bang perfectly).

So my kids are two faced. Not so much bipolar, because they can change their mood like a light switch. I know it’s mostly all for show. It’s how they put up their fight. It’s how they let us know that something is bothering them. Unfortunately, their form of communication leaves a bit to be desired.

I’ve explained to Crash, often several times a day, that he has to do chores. He needs to help out around the house. Yesterday, I went as far as telling him that any mess, any garbage, anything of his that I have to clean up, I’m going to put in his bed. I’ve explained to Bang that he needs to use his words, not his feet and scream, to let me know he needs help.  I’ve even praised him for doing so. Hence, it’s a work in progress.

Much like the soft clay of pottery needs to be shaped and fired so too do our kids. We form them with gentle hands to create gentle humans. We hold them in the figurative fire, temper them with strict rules to make them respectful humans. We drink heavily after they’re in bed.


22 thoughts on “Two Faced Kids

  1. OMG! I about died while reading this! Our daughter is only one but I’m already seeing her little personality coming out. The other night she threw a tantrum because I didn’t have anymore apple slices for her to eat. It shocked me and I couldn’t help but laugh


    • It’s amazing how they can just change their moods at will. It’s mind boggling at what they’ll lose their minds over, too. My oldest son’s first temper tantrum was at 4-5 months old. He was playing with a bucket of wipes while his bum was being cleaned. The bucket was taken from him to continue the cleaning and the temper tantrum ensued until his bucket was returned. Good luck!

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    • LOL Thanks Shelly! You can see my pulling my hair out? (That’d be a neat trick). Or you can see me putting garbage in Crash’s bed 🙂 I can’t wait to do that actually. I want to see how he reacts. Will he be grossed out and put it in the garbage. Or will he assume the “I don’t care” attitude and just throw it on the floor? Anyone’s guess, really.


  2. Ya know you will think I am insane but this stage that you are in with your boys, I truly miss. With an 18 year old who wants the freedoms of adulthood, but not the “responsibility” part that goes with it. Taking out the trash is now the least of his concerns but he still sigh and rolls his eyes, (he does it) but it just makes me laugh at how some things never change with age.

    Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Just getting my daughter to bed is a pain. She’ll agree it’s time for bed, get her teeth brushed, and then crawl into bed. Then she’ll ask for a drink of water. After that’s done, she’ll ask to go to the bathroom. When that’s done, she decides she wants to play in bed. I tell her no, it’s time to sleep. She reluctantly lies down and I cover her. She says she doesn’t want to be covered, even though her feet are freezing. I say no, tell her that if she wants to keep her feet out and freeze, we can go outside in the rain. She doesn’t want that, and agrees to be covered. She spends the next 10 minutes alternating between lying down and trying to go to the living room to play. Kindly coaxing her to bed doesn’t work. I have to resort to threats, like spending the night in the hallway in the dark or taking a walk outside where the monsters come out at night. She goes to bed. She will only fall asleep if I have an arm wrapped around her.

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