Sunshine Blogger

Outside, it is overcast, raining, windy here today. But it is warm, so it’s not all bad. Inside it’s all sunshine.

sunshine award

Thank you Melissa from Single Mom Unschooling for presenting me with the Sunshine Blogger Award (and giving me something to write about today). This award is for bloggers who spread sunshine and positivity throughout the blogging community. It brings some satisfaction knowing that what I write makes others happy. Mission accomplished. Not a bad way to start American Thanksgiving week!

The rules for accepting the award are as follows:
  • Thank the person/people who nominated you (Check)
  • Answer the eleven questions from your nominator (see below)
  • Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions to answer (see below below)

Here are the questions Melissa asked:

  1. What’s one thing you’ve learned from blogging?
    A: There is a whole blogging community who supports each other
  2. Who do you most admire?
    A: My parents, my DW, my in-laws, too. And people who hire maids.
  3. What activities do you enjoy?
    A: Reading, writing, running, soccer, baseball, cooking, kayaking, finding new ways to torment my kids
  4. Favorite place to be?
    A: With family (or hiding so I can eat chocolate w/out sharing)
  5. Where do you do your blogging?
    A: At a computer usually at home. Definitely not at school.
  6. What could be your theme song?
    A: The Parent Rap
  7. Favorite book and/or video game?
    A: The Book Thief, Where the Wild Things Are
  8. Coffee or tea?
    A: Tea or hot chocolate
  9. What is your biggest fear?
    A: Stepping on a slug barefoot
  10. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
    A: An introvert with extrovert tendencies.
  11. What’s your favorite movie?
    A: Star Wars (IV, V, VI), Usual Suspects, or Harry Potter

Check out these blogs! I know some of these bloggers aren’t into the whole awards thing. I just wanted to let them know they’re deserving of it. A virtual high five, so to speak. Happy reading! Happy blogging!


I Read Encyclopedias For Fun

A Momma’s View

Sounds Like Life to Me

Bumbi’s Mom

Adequate Dad

Ah Dad

Ann’s Grubbs-n-Critters

Mummy Spits the Dummy

Strong Enough to Break

Here are my questions (10 questions for 10 bloggers)

  1. Which flavor of ice cream best represents your personality?
  2. What is your go to alcoholic beverage?
  3. What is your least favorite housework chore to do?
  4. Where is your dream vacation to?
  5. If you could be a bird, which would you want to be?
  6. What’s one thing another blogger taught you?
  7. What is your favorite way to kill time?
  8. Which fictional character would you like to bring to life?
  9. What was your best/worst subject in school?
  10. Would you rather have an extra arm or an extra leg?

12 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger

  1. Somehow a slug got in our bathroom a few nights ago. (Somehow=Little Man) I didn’t want to touch it and hubby was asleep, so the few times I went in I was petrified of stepping on the thing. Just ugh!


  2. Slugs are cool! And so is the Usual Suspects or anything with Spacey. Thanks for the nomination, Eric! Made my day!!! No ping backs again… I knew because my husband told me!! Hahaaa. 😊😊😊 I’m hoarding awards, gotta release them all. Soonish!

    Liked by 1 person

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