Teacher’s Kids

What’s it like having two teachers as parents? Kelly over at Bustle knows pretty well it’s like.

Crash and Bang have the advantage (curse?) of having not one teacher parent, but two.  It has its advantages – access to parts of the school other kids don’t get to see, get to be in school when there is no one else there, get to have mom or dad as a teacher (this is both a pro and a con). On the other hand, it also has some disadvantages – you get mom or dad as your teacher, every teacher in the school knows who you are, you have to stay after school when you’d rather go home, and expectations are set a bit higher.

So far Crash is still pretty excited to see me in school. Even as his substitute teacher. I’m hoping it stays this way, but I’m certainly not expecting it to.

Right now I’m only substituting. However, this still gives me access to the school as if I were a full time teacher. I use the teacher’s lounge. I can enter and exit through the staff doors. I am the first one in and last one out of the classroom. This means that Crash can do these things, too. Though, I keep him out of the staff room if there are other teachers in there. It’s not a place for sensitive ears. If I’m subbing for the gym teacher he gets to use the whole gym. To himself. Show me a kid who doesn’t want full run of a gymnasium and I’ll show you a kid who probably doesn’t like gym! This is true of the classroom, too. It’s something different for a kid to be in their teacher’s classroom all by themselves.  The quiet. The empty desks. The cleanliness.

Then there’s being your kid’s teacher. I’m not sure exactly how he feels when hears his classmates tell him “Your dad is our teacher!” He knew this before he even got to school. Now he has to hear it over and over as each classmate realizes this. Over and over. And Over.saint

Then there are the expectations. Stereotypical teacher’s kids are held to slightly higher standards than the general population of the school. Being teachers, we know how students should behave in school and we therefore start teaching this to our own kids at birth. Also, as teachers who love to teach, we begin teaching our own kids while still in the womb. I know I was reading to DW’s baby belly for both of our sons. So teacher’s kids are not only expected to behave, but also be smart.

Every teacher in the school knows who Crash is. Or at least every teacher who knows me and DW (also a teacher). Therefore, there are eyes on him at all times. I know about things he’s done before he knows I know about them. One day he’ll tell me I was always spying on it. S’okay, though, it’s for his own good. And I do spy, by the way. If I’m subbing at his school I will, at least once, peek through his classroom door at him to see what he’s up to.


It’s not so bad being a teacher’s kid. Except, this evening, Crash was complaining about having to practice math. “I have to do math for like two hours in school. Then, I come home and have to do it for 15 more!” Sorry kiddo. Not everyone gets to have a teacher mom and dad. But you do. So lets get ‘er done and make ya fast at addition and subtraction so we can do some multiplication! HA!

17 thoughts on “Teacher’s Kids

  1. I can only imagine the adventures that are had having a parent as a teacher. I worked for my kids school for only a short time but it was comical how soon everyone knew and would say to my kids, “hey your mom works in the office”. I could just see they eye rolls from both of them. I would have loved having a teacher as a parent when it came to math, I might like it more!

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    • Crash loves seeing me. Bang is now in school 1/2 days 3 days a week and he loves it too. I love being able to check up on them. But I do hear “I know, I know” when other kids tell them I’m so-and-so for the day. He knew before we even left for school so they’re just telling him old news 🙂


  2. My boys dodged this one- Both my wife and I are certified teachers, but neither of us chose to pursue the profession. However, even without working IN the school, our training and education has come in quite useful at times.

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  3. Teachers are awesome, celestial beings who are placed on earth to share their gifts with mere mortals. And I know this because I’m married to one. She teaches Kindergarden.

    So in those times when my kids were much younger, you know the time when other people still referred to your kids as being cute, they went to the same school as their Mom. I don’t think they ever realised that their Mom was something more than just a Mom. They saw her all the time and probably reckoned it’s something all mommies do.

    It’s something I’ve cherished until this day.

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    • By far, that’s the best compliment ever. But we teachers are just mere mortals. Perhaps we have something saintly within?
      And people only call kids cute when they’re small, quiet, and smiling. If they could see them the way we do they would know they are ugly harbingers of hell. Except when they’re cute.

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  4. By far, that’s the best compliment ever. But we teachers are just mere mortals. Perhaps we have something saintly within?
    And people only call kids cute when they’re small, quiet, and smiling. If they could see them the way we do they would know they are ugly harbingers of hell. Except when they’re dute.


  5. I think all kids are excited when their parent(s) are involved in an authoritative way, at school or in an afterschool program. I remember my mom was an asst girl scout leader in my troop and I felt very proud. I’m sure your kids are ridiculously proud of you at school.

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  6. I’d say lucky kids! A teacher’s job is hard and also very rewarding. What would we parents do without teachers! I love the stories teachers share with us about kids during parent-teacher sessions. Some are expected, and some new news that give us a different perspective how they behave outside home. Especially when they behave better in school – and we go like: how is it they don’t carry on their good behaviour at home. Simple things like listening. :/

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