The Best And The Worst

A Momma’s View provided me with an opportunity to write a guest post. She asked me to write about teaching, it’s joys and woe’s and to compare them to home schooling. Check out her blog to read its entirety.

A Momma's View

For a homeschooling parent it’s always interesting to hear some different opinions and to get a little insight from a teacher’s life is of course top of my list. So I asked Eric, from All In A Dad’s Work to write a guest post for me. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with me, Eric and for the line you drew between being a teacher and a homeschooling parent.

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4 thoughts on “The Best And The Worst

  1. Saw it on Momma’s View, I left a comment there and forgot to come back! It’s a really great piece there. What struck me was what you wrote about the AHA! moment – that sometimes, it’s the parents that had helped along, making your job as a teacher that much easier and how gratifying is that when the students themselves help their classmates along too!

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