Dear Facebook

FB iconDear Facebook friends,

All y’all are awesome. I know for the last 11 months it seems like all you’re seeing from my status updates are blog posts. How frickin’ boring, right? All though, I wonder how many see yet another post from me and think “He’s hogging my news feed with all his posts” and scroll right by it. I know this isn’t true for all of you. I have received many comments in conversation about what I write. So, I know some of you are reading this stuff. Thank you! I certainly do appreciate it. Especially, when those comments come from unexpected sources.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve taken to blogging. I can’t exactly answer that other than by telling you I’m not exactly sure either. I enjoy writing, obviously. I enjoy getting an idea to write about then finding out where it takes me. Kind of like running. I start running and I see what happens*. Where will my run take me and what will happen along the way? Much like a day in the life with kids, anything is possible.

*Speaking of running, I need to get my lazy ass back out there. This is the best season for it!

Anyway, deep down, I’d like to one day become a published author of either children’s books or perhaps young adult novels. Perhaps even old adult novels. I’m still testing the waters. I don’t really have any idea yet. Right now though, I’m just trying to survive my kids. But I thought I’d work on my writing through blogging for two reasons.

Reason A is that by writing every day, theoretically it should improve. Much like running consistently should make me a better runner. Of course, I could become a better runner faster by running intervals (alternating fast/slow paces), by making sure I run up and down lots of hills and by eating properly. The equivalent to this in the world of writing would be to challenge myself to write frequently, write on various topics, to various audiences. While the majority of my writing is about the perpetual motions of Crash and Bang, I do write some short stories and write about different aspects of life.

Reason B also has to do with becoming published. I’m building a following. Between Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress, I have a total of 659 followers. With a little work, a little luck, and whole bunch of words, I can build a readership of people who will want to read the book(s) I write.

Did I say two reasons? What you heard is not what I meant. I meant three. Reason C is that it has become my way of sharing our stories. Whether they are full of comedy or frustration, I like to share. Perhaps someone else will think, “Damn, it could be a whole lot worse.” Or “Glad I’m not the only one!” While mom and dad are probably thinking “Glad to see he’s got children just like himself!” (The “Mom Curse” anyone? That’ll be for another post.)wp

Anyway, as for my WP friends reading this, don’t worry about finding me on Facebook. I’m not there much and I won’t “friend” you unless I know you in real life. I know you on WP and WP is my new FB, anyway.

14 thoughts on “Dear Facebook

  1. This is great – I think a lot of us bloggers think our social media friends get annoyed with our constant “Hey, wanna read 200-500 words I wrote?”… but, to make you feel a bit better about it: I guarantee your posts are better than the minion memes that are all over Facebook.
    Also, You should check out Friday Fictioneers. I also use my blog as a way to share stories and am trying to become a published author – but I certainly don’t know everything about fiction writing (does anyone, really?) – but it’s a little prompt/challenge to write a 100 word flash fiction piece that’s based on the photo prompt provided. It’s really helped me expand outside my comfort box!
    Here is the link:

    Good luck with all your writing adventures. 🙂

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    • I love Friday Fictioneers (usually). My 100 word stories (link in my heading) are all based from there. I don’t do the stories every week (though I’d like to), but when I do them it’s from Rochelle. It really does help in with writing in various genres. Thanks for your comment. I often wonder how many different people read my stuff (besides the numbers WP shows me on the stats page).

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  2. I’d read your books! And I still hv that Barnaby story in my head.😊 FB’s kind of boring for me these days…I’ve set up a page for my blog but realised I didn’t hv the time to manage another platform. Bleaah! I’m already stalking you here and on twitter. That shd be it. 😅

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    • And you said your hubby reads my stuff, too 🙂 I use FB to catch up on what others are doing but use WP to tell them what I’ve been up to. I considered setting up a FB page to connect to WP so people can find me that way. The only thing that would be on that page are my WP postings. Kind of redundant.


      • Oh yes he does. 🙂 He updates me on your latest posts even before I get to it sometimes. You just convinced me not to get on FB specific to my blog. For now, FB is my personal page only and I don’t really want to link it up to my blog.

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      • Exactly. And I really don’t see the point in having two FB pages. The one connected to WP would, of course, be generic without giving away specifics. But that would just be more work trying to keep it up to date.


    • Thanks, Elen! Oddly enough, I think I’ve found my voice. I just haven’t been able to bring it forth in my writing. Or at least not in my opinion. Though, humor is subjective. Just because I’m trying to be funny doesn’t always mean that I am. I’m enjoying the readership that has joined me!

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  3. I’d definitely buy your book. Even if you didn’t friend me on FB 😉 Good luck with it. I’d like to get published one day too and YA lit is where I’ll set my sights if I ever get back into writing anything other than blog posts and the occasional short story.

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