An Aversion to Clothes?

Getting Crash dressed in the morning has become an interesting fiasco. He despises dressing nicely. It’s gym pants every day. Even on days he doesn’t have gym. Here’s a snippet of how this morning’s conversation progressed.

Me: Crash, you have have music today. Save the gym pants for a gym day. Put on a pair of jeans.
Crash: (rummaging around in a laundry basket of clean clothes, pulls out a pair of gym pants and puts them on) Dad, I think these pants shrunk.
Me: Let me see them. (He hands them to me) No wonder they don’t fit. They’re a size 5. You’re a size 8! Now go put on jeans.
Crash: UGH!
Me: What’s wrong with Jeans?
Crash: I can run in the them.
Me: But you don’t have gym today.
Crash: On the playground, dad.
Me. You can run fast enough.
Crash: Then I’ll get them muddy and stained.
Me: Since when have you been concerned about getting your clothes muddy stained?
Crash: (stares at me)
Me: And besides, that’s what jeans are made for. They get washed and clean for you get muddy all over again.

He hates jeans. And DW says to me (as she does when their annoying traits come through) “Thanks for passing those genes on.” I’m sure there’s a joke about genes and jeans in there somewhere. Anyway, I was a bit confused. I wear jeans. I don’t have such an aversion to a pair of pants.

Until DW reminded me that I don’t wear brown shoes. My argument is that brown doesn’t match everything. I’m better off with clothes that match everything that way no matter I wear, it matches. It’s better for everyone. Except for my socks. My socks rarely match.

So apparently my brown shoes aversion gene mutated into a jeans aversion gene and got passed on.

Is there an item of clothing you have an aversion to?

15 thoughts on “An Aversion to Clothes?

  1. My daughter likes cute clothes. She loves skirts, but it’s getting too cool for them. She loves pink. She decided that on her own. But sometimes, she wants to take those clothes off. And when she’s got nothing on, she likes to run around and evade us. I think kids just like being naked.


  2. You forgot to mention the part of the argument where your wife also pointed out that brown shoes look good with jeans, and also with brown/beige, green, or navy dress pants… and that the only thing brown shoes don’t look great with is black or grey pants…. mister “they don’t match anything”… you’re as frustrating as your children! πŸ˜› (Love from DW)


  3. My toddler has decided it’s a sin to wear pants. Any kind of pants. There are days when we have to call him “The Pants-less Wonder,” and just accept it, because no matter how many times the pants go back on, they come right back off.

    Could Sesame Street come up with a nifty musical number to explain the necessities of wearing trousers? Especially in the Northeast U.S. in the winter? They could call it: You Gotta Wear Pants! πŸ™‚

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    • We have a pantsless wonder too. Though lately he wears pants more often than not. Everytime we’d talk to my parents on Skype they’d jokingly ask us if we owned any pants for him. A line from the Lego Movie, changed slightly, became quite popular around our house, “Honey, where are your paaaaaaaaants?”

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