The Frequent Flyer

Frequent Flier on the Daddy Express
Taxiing down the hallway
cleared for take-off
by the mother ship.
We’ll fly through turbulence
of giggles
Smoothing into easy skies
of smiles.
Buckled in by blankets
cradled as my carry-on
We’ve enough fuel
to last until feeding.
These wings never tire
Daddy Express is
a non-stop lover.
It goes anywhere,
anytime. Free.
Cleared for final descent
Lets make a final pass
before touchdown
into your mother’s arms.
It’s your connecting flight
Mommy Express,
going everywhere that daddy goes.

*A little something I penned sometime during Crash’s infant stage. He loved flying around the living room. Then came Bang four years later following in his brother’s contrails.

4 thoughts on “The Frequent Flyer

  1. A sweet capture of life with littles. I know I’m late to the comment party here, but I read it and set it aside to comment and am just now getting back to it. Still sweet : )

    Liked by 1 person

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