Saturday Share

Happy Saturday, everyone! Hope today finds you happy and healthy. If not, here’s a little something to help you. Well, it won’t really make you healthier. But it will give you something to do until you get healthy.

Lipstick and Laundry
It’s nice to have friendly bets. It’s even nicer when you win and your friend “pays up”.

Too lazy to blog? No problem. Here are some tips help be lazy and keep on blogging.

Hold Me Don’t Hold Me
Potty training isn’t easy. But it is easy to tell who’s house has someone training.

Kristen Lamb
Pay attention. Ooh shiny things! Forget the shiny things, focus. Squirrel! Ugh, nevermind.

Adequate Dad
It can be difficult to apologize to a screaming kid. But sometimes it’s not their fault.

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