Saturday Share

I like sharing. Especially things I like that I think you’ll like, too. Here are some posts I enjoyed this week. Oh, and Happy Halloween!!

Strong Enough to Break
 She indirectly writes about the power of words. Glad to know Daniel grew out of that phase to become a respectful human being.

No Page Left Blank
Tracey loves the horror of Halloween. Do you read scary books? Perhaps you’ve read Nowhere to Hide?

I Read Encyclopedias
Jay Dee is on the road to learning numerous language. How many can you speak?

Harsh Reality
Jason is one of the most selfless bloggers I’ve ever (virtually) met. Looking for the next great blog to read? Chances are good you’ll find it somewhere in his blog. Plus his blog is great, too!

Life Kids and A Glass of Red
Emma has a great project if you’re looking for a cheap, easy way to entertain your kids outside. Bonus? There’s no possibility of your walls getting drawn on. Win Win!

Ah Dad
Idiot frat boys. Geriatric white males. Homeless people. He took a stroll down Bourbon Street.

Jack-o'-lantern carved in the shape of Jack from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and lit with tea lights

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