Thursday’s Thoughts (or Books Galore)

We have too many books. HAHA! Best joke ever. That’s not possible! (is it?) Books may be starting to pile up on the floor because they no long all fit on the shelves. That just means our shelves are too small, right? Right?

At bedtime last night, Bang me to read books. And more books. And more books. I ended up reading 4 and DW also read at least one, possibly more. He’s already memorized “The Gruffalo”. It’s 6 minutes… feel to watch. Or not. Up to you, but if you choose not to, know that you are missing out on a good story.

So anyway, Bang was book hunting wanting me to read more and more and more books to him. Unfortunately, there was one in particular he wanted – “Jingle All the Way”. A Backyardigans Christmas book. He searched his bookshelf for it but couldn’t find it. He searched his floor but it couldn’t find it there either. I knew this already, but saw it first hand last night, there are A LOT of books in his room. Too many to fit on his 6′ tall bookshelf. There are piles of books in his room.

It’s the one thing I just can’t get rid of. Not my books. Not Crash’s books. Not Bang’s books. Yes, there are still baby books on his shelf. They are baby books from when Crash (the 8 year old) was a baby. Basically just board books with pictures. Baby’s First Colors, Baby’s First Animals, Baby’s First Words, etc…

Crash has a significantly smaller bookshelf, but it’s jam packed as well. I’m wondering if this is why he can’t stick to just one book until it’s finished. He bounces from book to book and reads a different one every night. Chapter books. He won’t finish them. Even if he likes them. Besides clothes, bed and dresser, it’s the only other things he has in his bedroom. No toys. No TV. No electronics.

DW and I (mostly I) have two bookshelves six feet high and there are so many books on it the shelves have double rows. Many haven’t been read yet. My tablet is also loaded with books. You see? It’s not just the boys shelves that are loaded with books. Asking me to get rid of books is like asking me to give away one of my limbs. Though, I suppose I could be happy donating them to the library where I could go visit them. Shared custody.

Oh! speaking of The Guffalo… here’s one of tonight’s conversations with Bang:

Me: My favorite food is scrambled Bang
B: Nooo
Me: My favorite food is Bang ice cream
B: Noooo
Me: My favorite food is Roasted Bang
B: Nooo. You’re not a Gruffalo.
Me: How do you know?
B: You don’t have purple prickles all over your back.
Me: Maybe they’re under my shirt
B: Your eyes aren’t orangeMe: Ahh okay. You got me on that one.

21 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts (or Books Galore)

  1. Bang is so funny!

    We also have that “problem.” The last time we hosted a party, we hired someone to clean the house good because depression, Little Man, and Baby Girl.

    Lady: You have too many books in this house. They’re everywhere.
    Me: I just donated three large boxes to Goodwill and have twice as many books in this house in storage. Don’t go there.

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  2. My wife, being a teacher, takes all the books to school once my kids has outgrown or ‘outread’ them…She believes in passing the torch. I tend to agree. As long as the torch doesn’t involve any of my books.

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  3. Same thing. We hoard books too…:p. And Gruffulo is such a hoot. We read the kids that from 6 months old and a period of time where before bedtime, we’d watch gruffalo and then read the book. I think it’s probably us who like it more than the kids…!

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    • Isn’t that the way. We get attached to things far easier than kids do. But often times, kids see how we react or treat something and they do the same thing. I’m hoping my love of books rubs off on my two. They are both excellent readers, but won’t yet willingly pick up a book to read in spare time. But they’re still kids, there’s more important things to do!


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