Just Another Tuesday

As I sit here staring out the kitchen window wait for whatever it is I’m going to write about today to come through, I see a crow in the bird feeder. Really, it’s a bird bath, but we put food in it for the crows. He didn’t bring me any ideas either. Not even a shiny thing.

Bang had a short playdate with a friend because our cooking class was cancelled due an unforeseen emergency. So a friend came over. Instead of playing with the toys they played with the mop and vacuum. This is my kind of playdate!

We already gathered up the garbage for Kyle and Lewis. They came with their big garbage truck to pick up our garbage. The recycling truck is here now. This is also a big deal. Bang plasters himself to the window to watch. Though, he doesn’t like to get close. He says they’re too loud.

We are currently sitting here watching Justin Time and eating apples. After lunch is finished, we’ll be heading out to take down the trampoline. Time to winterize it by putting it away. While it does open a good bit of space in the backyard, it’s also an easy source of entertainment and exercise.

Halloween is coming up. We’ve received an invite to a Halloween party this weekend. Unfortunately, it’s in Australia. So I think we’ll have to decline this year. We’ll go trick or treating instead. We’ve developed a bit of a Halloween tradition since moving here.

First we go see Nanny and Guppy in the next town over. They love to see the kids and they always put together a wicked treat bag for the kids. We visit a couple friends houses while we’re there. Then it’s back to our town for supper at McDonald’s. Something fast and easy so we can get back to candy collecting. Then we visit Nanny and Pop. Again, another wicked treat bag for the kids. We’ll walk around the block trick or treating. Then drive to a few friends houses.

Back home we consolidate the loot, give the kids one small treat from the pile, then ship them off to bed. We don’t get many trick or treaters where we live. We just leave a bowl of treats on the front porch with a note instructing the treaters to take one or two. Sometime there is still some left when we get home, sometimes it’s gone. Either way works for us.  We enjoy going out more than we do staying home and handing out. It’s a family event for us.

We have some fun costumes this year. It’s the first year we’ve all dressed to the same theme. I won’t give it away until after Halloween, though. Sorry, not sorry. Some have seen it since we were just at a kids Halloween party last weekend. Some parents, including DW and I dressed up as well.

So we’re just hanging out on this regular Tuesday. We have some jobs to do. But mostly we’re just anxiously waiting to go trick-or-treating.

What are you up to today?


14 thoughts on “Just Another Tuesday

  1. I love Halloween and going out with the kids. Although my last kid living with me is now too grown up but she likes to give out the candy and carve a pumpkin still. Today is a day that will be devoted to writing I think. I am going to stay away from FB and email and just take some time and catch up with the people that follow me. I am blessed with a lot of followers-at least to me there is a lot. Your post is inspiring me to write a post about Halloween and what it means to me and maybe even a short-spooky Halloween story. 😀


  2. One small treat? I’m surprised they don’t riot 😀

    LM has been invited to a birthday party on Halloween at 6pm. He wants to go, but that kind of ruins our Halloween tradition of Sam taking him (and now Norah) around the neighborhood we live in while I hand out candy. We live in a neighborhood that other parents bring their kids to in groups. Some are in vans, back of trucks, hayride trailers. It takes up to 45 minutes to get out to the main road it’s so crowded. I’m sure it’ll be fun for him either way.

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    • LOL Yeah, one small treat. They’ll attempt to riot. They’ll attempt to eat the whole pile on Halloween night. We’ll be tempted to let them so we don’t have it all in the house and listen to them beg for it.
      We don’t get many trick or treaters in our part of the neighborhood. However, there’s another part where most go – the walking distance:candy amount ratio is incredible.

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