Happy Mocha Monday

If we were relaxing having a mocha, or tea, or coffee, or hot chocolate, or a glass of wine…

I would be telling you all about our adventure on Saturday to Riverbreeze Corn Maze. Though I have been in hundreds of cornfields before, I’d never been in a corn maze. First, we found a spot to park. It really wasn’t that difficult, we were just in the overflow parking lot and had to walk a bit. We didn’t have to park in overflow, it was just the first parking lot we found for the farm and we didn’t know there was a closer one.

Once in, we found out that “Farmer Joe” had gone missing and we were going to have to find him, find out which animal took him, and find out with what weapon the accused wielded. So off we went into the maze. Fortunately, they gave us map. DW let me be in charge of that. She knew full well we’d get lost, but I was determined to prove her wrong.


There were 7 suspects and 6 stations with picture puzzles to be solved to let you know which animal didn’t kidnap Farmer Joe. I got us all the way to station number 5 without getting lost. Naturally, and not to disappoint, we had no idea where we were or how to get to number 6. After a bit of walking, we got it and solved the mystery.

Bang got tired of the maze pretty quickly. All he wanted to do was carry a stalk around like a sword. Unfortunately, he ended up with a leaf cut (very much like a paper cut) on his hand. Nothing a couple band-aids couldn’t take care of.

After we completed the maze, we had our picture taken on a few attractions. One was a HUGE chair. The seat was wide enough for both DW and I sit “comfortably” on while Crash and Bang sat on the arms. Then there was “stick your face in the hole” boards. DW was a cute, fluffy sheep. Crash was a horse. Bang was a pig. I was an ass donkey. The boys played with the tetherball, then from there it was on the bouncy pillow. They had been on one of these on a camping trip and they loved it. It was no different on Saturday.


See the mud on Bang? He fell down in the maze. Knew that would happen.

Then we got see the pig race. The littlest piggy, Wilbur, won. They all got Oreos. I nearly jumped in the pen to steal the Oreos, but I refrained. Mmmmm Oreos! From there we slid down the Shotgun Slide. I’m assuming it’s so named because the kids are shot out the end at about 1300 feet per second. At least it seemed that fast. Of course, they slid down no less than 10 times. I only went once.

You can hear Crash and Bang laughing and screaming at the end of it. They thought it was great.

After that, the boys went on a tractor train ride pulled by a Gator. Upon their return from the train ride there was a large tractor pulling two “hay wagons” (there was no hay, but there was a bench for us all sit on). This tractor ride took us to a pumpkin patch.


I may have been pretending to drop a rather large pumpkin on DW’s head to get them to laugh like this. Thankfully, I didn’t really drop it on her head. I’m sure she would have shoved that pumpkin so far up my you-know-what that I would have been spitting seeds for days.

Afterward, Crash got to shoot some paintballs at some pots and pans. He thought that was great. Then I told him I used to have a paintball gun of my own, once upon a time. I’ve been in my share of paintball wars.

From there we went to the petting area. They had bunnies, goats, sheep, a donkey and a cow. One stall of the stable was set up as a wild west jail cell. There was an area cut out in the corn field to play laser tag using giant, round hay bales to hide behind. Lastly, we made our way back to the bouncy pillow for one more jump before heading out for supper.

We were there for about 4 hours total and we had managed to play on everything, do everything there was to do. Overall, Crash and Bang had a blast. Naturally, there were areas and times when one was having more fun than the other. Or mom and dad were having more fun than the kids.

Sunday we cleaned house. Crash and Bang were wishing we were back at the farm.

What did you do this weekend?

16 thoughts on “Happy Mocha Monday

  1. You forgot to mention that it was Wifey that got us un-lost and found #6… we all know that Wifey is the true navigator and I just let you feel in charge to start out… lol!

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  2. That’s a great picture of them at the end! You know Crash is probably gonna want a paintball gun now for Christmas 😄 (They do make kid versions now.)

    We did soccer and Sam took the kids to a Trunk or Treat yesterday while I nursed a migraine.

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  3. This place sounds like fun! I’ve been to corn mazes before but never one with a mystery! Usually we just walk in circles being lost. I spent Saturday cleaning because we had a birthday dinner for my husband on Sunday. That was fun too!😊

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  4. I bet they wished to be back! Sounds like great fun… we had friends over on Saturday we haven’t seen since NYE. It was good fun, good food lots of wine and a late night. So Sunday we were super lazy. Kids had a play date at a friends house and we joined them later for a BBQ. Socializing at it’s best. Looking forward to next weekend with Halloween party at our house and trick or treating in the neighborhood 🙂

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    • Isn’t it great to see friends you haven’t seen for a long time? We were like that over the summer with our trip to the States. Speaking of Halloween, DW just mentioned we need to get our pumpkins carved. Is it an open invitation to your party? We’ll be righr over. 😉

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      • 27! That would be ideal for trick-or-treating. It’s going to be a balmy 9C here. Thanks for the invite. Wouldn’t it be great to live in a world where we go wherever we wanted whenever we wanted?


    • No kid required for the corn maze. Maybe for the bouncy pillow and the shotgun slide. But the corn maze is for all ages 🙂 So is the big tractor ride. Or you could just borrow someone else’s kids for the day.

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