Saturday Share

I thought I take a moment to share a few articles I read this week that I thought you might enjoy. Happy Reading!

A Momma’s View –
Ode to A Playground – It’s not the kind of playground you’re thinking of. It’s a real playground, but also one created within the imagination of a child.

Tania2atee –
Blue Jay Fever – Her Toronto Blue are (were) in the running for the World Series pennant. And sometimes things just make you skip that test in business class to catch a game…

Ann Grubbs-n-Critters
Fabulous Friday Flavor  This sounds absolutely, mouth watering, likity tasty, delicious. And I don’t even like peaches.

Coach Daddy
Elizabeth, of Autism Mom – This guest post provides a few very helpful tips for Autism Parents. They’re also great for every parent. Even a Ninja Warrior parent.

Diapers and Tutus
MTHFR – It’s not the swear word I thought it was and it deserves it’s share of awareness.

Funny Marriage Quotes Here is a good laugh for today. While these are humorous, there might be a touch to truth to them. Just sayin…


5 thoughts on “Saturday Share

    • Thank you for learning me something. I seriously thought MTHFR was shorthand for a 2 part swear word. Now, not only do I know it’s not, but what it actually means. To top it off, it’s something I’ve never heard of. So, thank you 🙂


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