23 Questions to Ask Your Kids

Back in June, I asked Crash these same 23 questions. You can read his answers here. This time it was Bang’s turn. His answers did not disappoint. Happy Reading!

Child’s Name: Bang
Age: 4
1. What is something Dad always says to you?
I love you
2. What makes Dad happy?
3. What makes Dad sad?
4. How does Dad make you laugh?
He does dummy cartwheels (cartwheel and fall over)
5. What was Dad like as a child?
He like compost trucks and dump trucks
6. How old is Dad?
7. How tall is Dad?
8. What is Dad’s favorite thing to do?
Play with me
9. What does Dad do when you’re not here?
10. If Dad becomes famous what will it be for?
11. What is Dad really good at?
Sorting Laundry
12. What is Dad not very good at?
Knocking wires down
13. What is Dad’s job?
Watering plants for mom
14. What makes you proud of Dad?
Playing trucks and dumping dominoes into the dump truck
15. What is Dad’s favourite food?
16. What do you and Dad do together?
Play trains
17. How are you and Dad the same?
We’re both wearing black
18. If your Dad was a cartoon character who would he be?
Stella (from Stella and Sam)
19. How are you and Dad different?
I have a blue and white shirt and has an orange one in his drawer
20. How do you know Dad loves you?
Because he kisses me
21. What does Dad like best about Mommy?
She helps do dishes
22. Where is Dad’s favorite place to go?
To the park
23. How old was Dad when you were born?

His answers were far from different from Crash’s, yet they still convey what he thinks of me. Go ahead and give it a shot. I would love to hear how your kids answer these questions!

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