How Could I Not Write About This!

This happened this morning.

first snow

Small flurries started as we were leaving the house to get everyone to school. We dropped off DW and by the time we got to Crash and Bang’s school it was coming down like it was February. Yes, winter is coming. But not until the 22nd of December!

While DW was growling about in the front seat, Crash and Bang were giddy with laughter in the back seat. “But it’s not even Halloween yet!” Crash said in amazement. “When your mom was a kid she would do her trick-or-treating with her costume over her snow suit.” I replied. As excited as Bang was to see snow he still told his teachers he was glad the sun came out and melted all the snow (they don’t like snow either, so he may have been trying to be a teacher’s pet). Upon leaving school he disappointed the snow had melted because he wanted to play in it. He’s one confusing child.

You can see it just starting to accumulate on the leaves and ground in the photo. All it did to the roads (in our area) was make them wet. About 10 minutes east of us, the roads were slushy, slippery, and the black ice caused at least one accident. I guess even Canadians forget how to drive in the snow sometimes. However, 20 minutes to the west the weather was clear and sunny!

What are your thoughts on snow?
I’m excited for it. I love to play it. Snowmen (whole families, really), igloos, snowball fights, sledding, running in it (the silence it creates is incredible), skiing, and some other activities we haven’t invented yet.

I’m sure my Southern Hemisphere friends are sick of it while my Northies are either dreading its arrival or are excited for it.

Winter needs to hold its horses. I haven’t finished my Autumn Bucket List yet! I’m not ready to make my winter bucket list…

18 thoughts on “How Could I Not Write About This!

    • I don’t mind shoveling, usually (unless I’m in a rush/running late). That quiet never ceases to amaze me. I love it when it’s so quiet you can hear the snow falling. It has the same effect on me as the sound of rain 🙂

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  1. The first snows are my favorite, although not mid-October. I love snow, just not unending winter. Late March snow is depressing, but a pretty spring snow in April is not. I guess because by April we know spring is on its way. I remember as a kid how disappointing it was to have to wear my winter jacket over my Halloween costume. I think if you live North you may as well embrace the beauty of the white stuff!

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    • Right now I’m excited for snow. It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s fun. Come March… it can take a hike. By then I’m tired of it and ready for spring/summer. Just like at the end of summer I’m ready for fall and winter. I love the change.


  2. We actually got a little dusting of snow on Sunday as well, here in Upstate New York. I wrote about it, with pictures of the pretty fall trees the day before, the ground a layer of white the next day. And now it’s back to the 50’s and no snow.

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  3. The white stuff can wait until after Halloween and then maybe just fall on the weekends so I don’t have to get out into it it can enjoy the little walks we take the dog and breath in the chilly air. One can dream right?

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  4. When the west coast gets hit with El Nino, hopefully a lot of rain, it may not snow as hard due to the warmer air. My only snow experience was when we lived in Portland, OR. We were fresh from San Diego and went outside to play in the blizzard (1969–look it up) and within 5 minutes, we ran into the house crying with red hands, LOL! Hopefully it will come on slow and steady for you!

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  5. Yes, we had a similar experience in Ontario earlier in the month. (29th today). I love the light the snow brings after the darkness of November. I love the quiet of the land after a good snow delivery. I love the magic and wonder of that blanket of beauty. And then the traffic comes through and turns my snow globe into a grey/brown/sludgy/grungy… I can’t go on. I need a glass of wine now. Oh, and snow angels are the best. Snowballs. Snow forts. Sledding.

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    • You had me right up to “blanket of beauty”. Why to ruin snow 🙂 I do agree. It is beautiful until it turns into that black, slushy mess. I like building an igloo for the kids to play in. Last winter’s igloo was big enough for all four of us play in. Unfortunately, it rained that night and collapsed.

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