We Hit the Trails

This morning started when Crash and his friend, who was here for a sleepover, woke up at 5:30 am. Ugh. They didn’t go to sleep until sometime between 10:30 and 11 the night before! Oh well. I seriously can’t wait until Crash decides that sleep is actually a good thing. But that’s for another post.

Anyway, by 7:30, Bang was also up and all three hooligans were fed and were looking to go outside. But the sun wasn’t even up, yet! And it was only 7 degrees! (they were in shorts and t-shirts) So I got them dressed properly and I took them to watch it come up. They were bored at first. Then the first glimpse of the sun came peeking through and they thought it was pretty neat.


Later that afternoon, after Crash’s friend had gone home (which was a bit sad because he’s moving away next Monday night) Crash and Bang were bored and the only thing they could find to do was pick fights with each other. Instead of strangling both of them, I took them for a hike for an hour and half. Immediately upon entering the woods the bickering and fighting and screaming and stomping stopped. I know this was a pleasant relief for DW whom we left at home to relax.

There were bridges to be crossed (no Trolls were hiding under any of them). There were trees to see (none of which resembled Treebeard). There were streams to throw rocks in and stairs to climb and benches for sitting on. There were sticks to be carried (to fend off the dragons) and leaves to be collected and mud to stomp through (shoes need to be washed now. You told me so, DW!) There were squirrels to hear and watch. There was a dog and it’s owner to stop and chat with. There were pictures to be taken…

IMG_3430IMG_3438 IMG_3435  IMG_3440IMG_3442 IMG_3451  IMG_3459 IMG_3469

It felt good to be out on the trails. The air was cool and quiet. No one was on anyone else’s last nerve. While there aren’t as many deciduous trees as I’d like, not as much vibrant fall color with all the loblolly pines, it was still colorful, bright, and full of October.


25 thoughts on “We Hit the Trails

    • It was great. Especially when we spotted the squirrels. They stopped and were silent for 2 whole minutes. Nothing but the sound of the squirrel scurrying, the birds tweeting and the wind in the leaves. Not a car to be heard.

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    • The sunrise viewing was just a fluke. They were ready to go outside at 7am so I took them instead to see the see come up (they got outside, I got sunrise pictures. Win Win). The hike was also for me. I had been wanting to get out for a few days. Them picking on each other provided the right opportunity. They fought me at first, but once out there everyone’s mood changed 🙂 Thanks for thinking that, though 🙂


  1. Sounds like a great afternoon. This time of the year is perfect for hiking. Plus fresh air is good for wearing out little boys to insure a good night’s sleep.😉 Take my word for it, once they become teenagers, you won’t be able to get them out of bed!


    • It was a great hour and half. Fall is my favorite season by far. The colors and the cool air make hiking phenomenal. I wish fresh air wore my two boys out. I’ve tried all day at the beach, long hikes, playing outside all day… yet they never seem ready for bed. If they decide to sleep in as teens I plan on waking them early as pay back 🙂

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