Sink Soup

We’ve all done dumb shit before. Some of us have done dumber shit than others. Like that time I got my “stuck” in a cinder block. My excuse was I was only 2. In my defence, it wasn’t really stuck. My ears would roll and scrape against the block. That hurt. So my dad held my ears against my head so I could pull my head right out. I don’t know why I put in there. I must have stumbled and fell into it.

Then there was that time I was flying to Canada to see my then girlfriend, now DW and I forgot my birth certificate. This was before the days of when passports were required. My parents were kind enough to leave home at 4:30 am to bring it to me and I still made my flight.

Then there was that time DW and I were meeting my parents in DC to go to a Great Big Sea concert. I had ordered our tickets online and had put them on the fridge so I could just grab them as we walked out the door and not forget them. I forgot them. Fortunately, they could use the credit card I had paid with to track down our tickets and still get in.

Then there was the time two years ago that we celebrated American Thanksgiving here in Canada. We had family over. It was great. That weekend, right after breakfast, I put everything that was left on the turkey into a pot to boil the meat off the bones. Then we set off decorating the house for Christmas. The lights went up, the tree went up, Woody and Elfis (our elves on the shelves) were set to return. Six hours later I finally got back around to the turkey.

I put a colander in the sink to dump the turkey into so I could pick it all off the bones. Then DW comes out to see what I’m doing and asks “Where’s all the broth?”. I knew at that exact moment that I had forgotten to put a pot under the colander to catch the broth when I dumped the turkey. Six hours of broth making just went down the drain. Literally. Now, at every Thanksgiving, twice a year for us, we sit and laugh about the time I made “Sink Soup”.

We’ve all done stupid shit. Some of us just happen to have a longer rap sheet than others. Does any wonder where my two sons get it from? Nope. No one wonders for a second.


21 thoughts on “Sink Soup

  1. This is a beautiful, hilarious memory and totally something I would have done too! My rap sheet is pretty long as well so I can relate. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story and for the laugh this morning!

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  2. DOH! I have done this exact thing. I searched my city high and low for a grocery store that would sell me beef soup bones–enough of them to make a huge vat of broth for my mother’s special beef noodle soup recipe (which takes two days to make). After finally sourcing enough bones, I put them in the giant soup pot with the required veggies and let it simmer away for eight hours. Only to pour the entire thing down the drain. Dumbass.

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  3. I once decided to help my husband clean up in the kitchen while he was still preparing our dinner (we had guests). I grabbed the pan from the stove and washed it out… and gone was all the sauce he had cooked down for a very long time and spent heaps of time perfecting it… Now I’m no longer allowed to clean up while he’s still cooking 😉

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  4. Lol. Done the broth dumping before and also putting the wrong ingredients in a dish I’m cooking – like putting in heaps of salt without registering that it’s salt when it’s sugar that I need. Or separating eggs and putting in yolks when I needed the whites. Brilliant! 😊 The thought that I wasted kills me most

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