World Teacher Day


My very first class in my very first classroom of my own was back in 2000. 7th graders, roughly 12 years old. They’re 27 now. Older now then I was when I taught them. Unfortunately, there’s not a one who I am in touch with now. However, in 2003 I started teaching 4th grade after a 2 year hiatus to get my master’s degree. My first class of 9 year olds are now 21. Some are married. Some have kids. Most are in university. Juniors to be exact. But no matter where any of my students are there is one thing that holds true. It’s true for me and I’m willing to guess 99% of all teachers every where. Once they are my students, they are always my students. Even if they’re 27. Or 21. Or any age at all.


6 thoughts on “World Teacher Day

  1. Love this. I only taught a year, but still refer to them as “my kids.” I had grades 6, 7, and 8. The oldest graduated college a couple months ago and the youngest are now juniors. I’m in touch with a few on Facebook.


    • Even as a substitute teacher, I have come to know quite a few kids. While I may not exactly call them “my students” I definitely say that I taught them. Amazing how teachers and students grow to know each other.

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