July and August in Review

With all that was going on in July I didn’t even bother doing a review. Now that August and summer are over, I’m back in full blog mode, full teacher mode, and full running mode. Here’s how the last two months shaped up.

June was a good month stats wise. It wasn’t my best month this year, but it was decent. Unfortunately, it’s been a steady decline since. I can name several influences for this.

  • I stopped blogging to travel
  • I have been entertaining my Fitbit to get my step count up so instead of writing in the evening, I’ve been walking/running
  • I have been watching TV with DW – Ninja Warrior and Wife Swap to be exact. But it’s “us time” and that’s important time
  • I got out of the habit of writing

None of them are great excuses, naturally. But I’m back now. I’m hoping to start make regular visits to those blogs I enjoy and start making new friends. The long weekend is over and I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend. We went to the beach, but that’s for another post.

July and August:

July was down 170 views from June and August was was 136 less than that. My views were down from 260 in June to 200 in July and 149 in August. I published 30 posts in June while July only had 22 and August had 13. There were 196 comments in June. July’s comments dropped to 143 while August was down to 101.

On the plus side, I am up to 152 followers. I thank each and every one of you. I would write regardless, but all of you make it much more enjoyable.Will you be my next follower?

Thanks to Jessica, Devyn, and Kari for being my latest followers.

My Home Page is my most viewed page. The Value of A Teacher is a close second and Dear Teacher is one I believe needs a little more attention.

You’ll find all my short stories neatly organized now. They have a menu of their own now. I’m going to get back into my weekly 100 word stories again. There’s always Crash and Bang, who is what this blog is mostly about. Though I do have a few tangents.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for following. I hope to hear from you!


7 thoughts on “July and August in Review

  1. It’s all a progression, brother. We write, we comment, we connect, and look up at the scoreboard when the ball goes out of bounds. There’ll be spikes and drops and plateaus, but the important thing is to write, write, write.

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    • Thank, man. That’s what I’m getting back to. I saw the scoreboard and didn’t like what I seeing. I’ve pulled up my shin guards, tied my laces tighter and am prepared to make a come back. Write, write, write is what I’m going to do.

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